Telegram Today II – February 4, 2023




GRASS – “This last string “ly!!” hits just one drop – perfect 6:39 timestamp.

Q is saying there won’t be arrests until the justice system is cleaned out. That has to include state judges. Do you have any idea how long that will take? We are now looking at next year for the rest of Potus judges to be confirmed. That’s just Federal judges. Doesn’t include state,

Not necessariLY!! Court of venue can be changed under procedural rules!!!

Research venue!!!

What must happen pre 11.11?

11.11 provided as strategic marker.

Post midterms.

RED wave coming?




@teamanons 👈

@Qwo17 👈

DARK [10]

🦅 🇺🇸 💪 🔥


5:36PM EST


UFO’s 🛸 and Balloons 🎈


Elon Musk liked a tweet from The Babylon Bee

——————————————————————- (SEE LAST ELON POST/PLAY THE GAME WITH US)



Just made this on Tik Tok, as I was watching Charlie’s latest Rumble and caught this wonderful snippet!🔥



Germany, UK, U.S. Bust Major Darknet Child Porn Sites, Arrest Admins





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