Key Information – February 4, 2023


The fundamental key to quantum practice is the understanding that everything is a function of frequency, and its manipulation and shifting of the energetic field affect reality.

Everyone has the capacity to navigate through reality, but it is only successful when the frequency is integrated from the higher pure vibrational source into the morphogenic field. In other words, anything manifested cannot stem from a lower vibrational frequency than the 4th chakra or the heart and higher chakras, the source itself.

And even with a slightly higher shift in frequency within you, it penetrates the morphogenic field around you that affects the entire world.

Your vibration determines the vibration of the world. You don’t have to fight with your world to change it if you change your frequency.

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Humans of Earth — as more massive LIES are being revealed, the unprogramming process will not be as easy as it may seem. The detachment of matrix dependency & accustomedness must be done by cutting the energetic cord of 3D belief systems with the understanding that 3D beliefs are the root of 3D issues. A willingness to surrender these beliefs & replace them with truth will unlock doors to new & higher timelines. 

This is a delicate process as much of humanity has been in a deep entranced spell, a mass hypnosis, implanted distortion & distraction into spoon-fed egos. The indoctrination started at a young age — which installed programs that diverts & inverts TRUTH, without question.

Truth is leaking — about Earth’s history, akasha, its energy leylines & vortices, its old rulers & dark ops, hidden agendas, technologies & secret societies — how humans & children are perceived as commodities, manipulated, abused, bought, sold & harvested. For the average human who enjoys the system, works in it, entertained by sports & other digital content, working tiredlessly to thrive in it — it is A LOT to take in, to realize & understand this cold hard truth. 

Many may not understand it yet but there’s still is an ongoing global war for the freedom of our planet — a covert war that is only recently becoming more evident to the public. Soul many did not realized how close humanity was to becoming biological-controlled slave vessels. Only by benevolent Light Forces, The Earth Alliance, an awakening of The People & by the Divine Source intervention so that this agenda was completely thwarted. 

The disclosure process will continue to drip, flow & flood the mass consciousness — much like the higher energies breaking down old physical manifestations. The war is almost over & the Light has WON, but there are still pockets of battle. Those actively on the frontline — stay strong, vigilant, keep your frequencies high & stay in your Heart Space. You’ve seen through the illusions & is being taught great patience for those less aware. We are now entering our healing era.

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light 🙏🏽💜


The disclosure process will continue to drip


What is spiritual maturity?

1. It’s when we stop trying to change others and focus on changing ourselves.

2. It is when we accept people as they are.

3. It is when we understand that everyone is correct according to their own perspective.

4. It is when we learn to “let go”.

5. It is when we are able to not have “expectations” in a relationship, and we give of ourselves for the pleasure of giving.

6. It is when we understand that what we do, we do for our own peace.

7. It’s when we stop showing the world how smart we are.

8. It’s when we stop seeking approval from others.

9. It’s when we stop comparing ourselves to others.

10. It is when we are at peace with ourselves.

11. It is when we are able to distinguish between “need” and “want” and we are able to let go of that want.

12. Spiritual maturity is gained when we stop attaching “happiness” to material things!

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