What Gives Here? – February 2, 2023

Humans are under presumption that they are the smartest creature on this planet. They are not. Smart people do not enslave their own kind.

Koko was given IQ tests several times when she was younger and scored between 70 and 95, where 80-100 is considered normal for the average human.



Go read the comments below this article and watch how red pilled their “mistakes” have made the people.

It’s going to be nearly impossible to forget what happened during the plandemic and perhaps we never should.



Wonder how long it’ll take Eric Swalwell to delete this retweet 😂😂


Serious question.

If the internet goes down, what happens to Bitcoin?


Trump says that Putin did not want to invade but was forced to do so….

He says he has things he could tell them that could negotiate peace within 24 hours but he won’t reveal how.

He says he can guarantee that a peace deal will be made.

I wonder what information he is referring to that would cause them to make a peace deal so swiftly?



You’re telling me they just randomly realized there was a Chinese spy balloon over Montana long after it was sitting there with the kind of technology we have?

Funny how the narrative continues to push us towards some kind of world conflict…this seems staged to me?



If the central bank slave system doesn’t fall, then how do we exit Babylon?


Let’s just say that the Ukraine biolab story is 100% legit and they were planning on bringing out the next pandemic through Ukraine and blaming it on Russia.. that means that Putin had to invade to stop it. Ukraine is factually a deep state hub.

Soros controlled it.

No one can deny this.

If Trump was still in office and Putin invaded the optics would have been unfeasible…Trump could not be in office for the central bank fiasco nor the war…

That means that it all had to be this way no matter how ugly it may be…

Will we ever find out the truth of what’s happening behind the scenes?

Have we avoided another deadlier pandemic already?


Pfizer’s director admitted that if the Covid vaccines were messing with people’s hormones that the scandal would be tremendous.

He does not need to imagine it because it’s happening and we need tribunals.




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