Excerpt from Earth Alliance and Patriot News for February 2, 2023



Jared Rand Conference Call 2/1/2023– TFCC Feb 1 ‘The Time Has Come’

-) Jared has confirmed that in Canada at a “Credit Union” that everything is “Gold Backed”, Jared checked it out, and the statement was on their website. Jared received a letter from a listener about this and then he researched it.

-) Jared stated we all have looked for hard-evidence, to this trigger of R/V GCR, he thinks this is one of the indicators.

-) The Deep State U.S. Corporation is “Out of Business”, but the Deep State created the “White House” Corporation, not too long ago; but has NO money. This is what the White Hats is depleting all money from the corrupt Deep State.

-) Yes, it is true, that Corporation President Clinton signed NESARA by in front of special forces at gun point in 1996. Clinton knew they would not give him a choice. But NESARA is an Act, it has to be publicly announced for it go into law.

-) This year, the Republic Government will announce NESARA!!!

-) We will get the “Rainbow Currency” this year. This will come in “waves”. There NO way the criminals can do anything with the new QFS system, it is that secure.

-) 184 Central Banks are DONE; will be NO more. The Federal Reserve note will be DONE too. The good guys, are artificially keep it floating, so nobody panics.

-) Russia is gold backed, China is gold backed, Japan is gold backed, all announced last year.

-) America is gold backed, just has NOT been announced, yet. This has been confirmed in the background.

-) This is ALL DONE, in the background. QFS, Gold Standard, & Rainbow currency.

Jared’s full conference call: https://fccdl.in/KGCLiXkZFn

Source: Operation Disclosure Official


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