Does the Vatican Know More about Extraterrestrials than Intelligence Agencies? ~ February 1, 2023


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Are you still sure that intelligence agencies and scientists know more about extraterrestrial civilizations than everyone else? In fact, science centers, CIA, and individuals like Elon Musk and Bill Gates are less aware of UFOs and alien visitations than the Pope. You will be surprised to learn that the Vatican has its own space research program.

The Vatican Observatory is an astronomical research and educational institution supported by the Holy See. Originally based in the Roman College of Rome, the Observatory is now headquartered in Castel Gandolfo, Italy and operates a telescope at the Mount Graham International Observatory in the United States.

Indirect confirmation that the Vatican is “in the know” is the statements of Pope Francis and his predecessor about extraterrestrial life.

Cultists have repeatedly pointed out that soon people will get acquainted with extraterrestrial intelligence, learn more about extraterrestrial civilizations. And there is no doubt that the Vatican takes aliens more than seriously. So, for example, it was announced the possibility of converting them to Catholicism.

“Honestly I wouldn’t know how to answer,” the Pope replied, explaining that while scientific knowledge has until now excluded the possibility of other thinking beings in the universe, “until America was discovered we thought it didn’t exist, and instead it existed,” Pope Francis said.

“But in every case I think that we should stick to what the scientists tell us, still aware that the Creator is infinitely greater than our knowledge.”

Francis said that the one thing he is sure about in the universe and the world in which we live is that it “is not the result of chance or chaos,” but rather of divine intelligence.

Yes, the research power of the Vatican pales against the backdrop of NASA’s latest technological advances, but the facts speak for themselves.

Until the 19th century, this religious organization was known for opening astronomical observatories and scientific schools, where young and able scientists were trained in the technique of observing space.

The observatory of the Vatican, which still exists today, is one of the oldest and most authoritative on a planetary scale.

But that’s not all. It turns out that the Vatican also has a space program, which, according to experts, is not much inferior to the program of the same NASA.

The Vatican has quite modern and powerful telescopes and other observation equipment. The largest telescope monitors space in the infrared range, and significantly exceeds the capabilities of analogues.

And one more interesting fact to think about. As the Vatican conducts space research, more and more people on Earth begin to believe in the reality of alien life.

According to statistics, in 1990 this number was estimated at 27% of the world’s population. In 2000 it increased to 33%. Now it is approaching the mark of 65%. Thus, the Vatican’s awareness of extraterrestrial life can be seen as a “fire of knowledge.”

Jesuit Father Jose Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory, said Christians should consider alien life as an “extraterrestrial brother” and a part of God’s creation.

Father Funes said it was difficult to exclude the possibility that other intelligent life exists in the universe, and he noted that one field of astronomy is now actively seeking “biomarkers” in spectrum analysis of other stars and planets.

These potential forms of life could include those that have no need of oxygen or hydrogen, he said. Just as God created multiple forms of life on earth, he said, there may be diverse forms throughout the universe.

“This is not in contrast with the faith, because we cannot place limits on the creative freedom of God,” – “To use St. Francis’ words, if we consider earthly creatures as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters,’ why can’t we also speak of an ‘extraterrestrial brother?’“ he said.

According to some scientists, the goals and objectives of the ministers of the church have changed somewhat. Now they are clearly focused on preparing humanity for an encounter with aliens.




13 thoughts on “Does the Vatican Know More about Extraterrestrials than Intelligence Agencies? ~ February 1, 2023

  1. A fully ARMED INVASION of the Vatican is needed……go in, guns at the ready. And if Vatican security, or the cardinals try to stop it…..either give them a rifle butt to the face, or BLOW ‘EM AWAY. The people of the Vatican should have been executed long ago, and to open up what they are jealously guarding. Shit, even folks allowed to visit the vaults are NOT allowed to view ANY publications stored made after 1938.

    Cobra even hinted at what’s there by posting this on a blog:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm…the Vatican has already yielded to the Earth Alliance, with all their “treasure” forming a base for redistribution to humanity. The pope is gone, with the Catholic Church unsupported at this point by the dark entities founding this organization for control. What great news for humanity! 😊🌹


      1. Then WHERE is all that stuff? STILL WAITING…..

        Also, I want to see the dead pope’s carcass.

        “Behind the Scenes” MUST become “Center Stage”. Can’t keep waiting and waiting , you know.

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      2. Umm…why not (?) as we’ve got no where else to go. Humanity IS getting an upgrade of consciousness, and it’s about time after “forever” as slaves? Be happy this is ending for us ALL!! 😊🌹


    2. Oh yeah, you know some crazy shit is hidden in the tunnels including gold and manuscripts from the library if Alexandria where they burned down after taking what they wanted, hoarding all that information.
      I too would like to see this whole thing go live and exposed, I do think the pope is dead, just a hologram
      But this charade needs to end cuz the sleepers ain’t gonna wake up till the tv box shows the footage. Perfect time would have been right after or during the inauguration of the fake Biden. What a let down it’s been and two more years of the ridiculous ess and people’s lives destroyed so this ain’t a movie anymore.
      I’m focusing on the now we are changing this reality and those people will be a distant memory or forgotten.
      Ready for upgrade.


  2. Oh, they know, they worship them.
    Just look at the sculpture on the stage behind the pope, in the snake room.
    They know them and are waiting for their return which is why they have all those telescopes…all roads lead to Rome.


      1. I know they are here, they’re the ground crew, but they are waiting on their “gods” return and why they have all those telescopes.
        Yeah they get orders from the parents, then covens, then the families, it’s a heirarchy.
        According to Kim, the parents and minions, covens and so on are no longer here, have been eliminated, the ones left given option to come to the light and work for humanity, the pope isn’t here either, it’s all holograms and mask wearing actors run by the space force, run by the faction black sun cultists fighting for power over humanity against the rothchilds dragon families who have been in control before. Neither faction will succeed, their control crumbling everyday.
        Their death trap and A I. Construct will be dismantled and humanity be free of them.


      1. Well I hope so, , I hope they’re gone so what r they waiting for, there should be no one left to get if they have it all. Time for exposure and we can work on restoration and a bright new way of living. It’s gonna be awesome, roll the credits, take your now….
        Freedom of humanity. The end….or the beginning!


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