Clones, Souls, manipulation and More! / February 1, 2023


Editor’s Note: yes, yes, yes! My blog is hitting someone’s “sore spot” by putting truth out there, thus is BEing blocked! Now that you are seeing my blog, suggest to others to use another browser by:

1. Go to standard Google page?

2. Type in “” which will take you to another Google page (in Russia),

3. Type in “”

You can also switch to a “DuckDuckGo” browser many have had success with…

Regardless of how you access my blog,, please find information which helps you, share with others, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


4 thoughts on “Clones, Souls, manipulation and More! / February 1, 2023

  1. Actually, I’ve tired DuckDuckGo today and go to roserambles website but they now completely blocked it. Yesterday was fine. Today can’t get in using that search engine so I used Brave. Just wanted to let everyone know.


    1. I have duck duck go and been listing rose since 2020. Don’t get me wrong I have experienced some funny doings but to be honest and I just found this out our phones are connected to goggle one way or the other. I could be icloud or your credit card in Apple or your location. I would advise any one to get VPN it will help a lot. Hope this helps.


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