12 thoughts on “This Is Why You Have Felt Alone. Starseed – January 3- 2023

  1. This made a lot of sense even though I do not know why. As humans we are all alone and have vast emptiness inside us that most of us fill with careers, addictions, affairs, cars, homes, travels etc..anything we can think of to make us not feel so ultimately alone. But I know personally, each of us is not alone, its a matter of understanding who and what we are and why we are here. The Arcturian speaker spoke some truth that we are a conglomeration of many lives and existences not only here on the Earth planet but hundreds or thousands of others…..We bring with us our karma (baggage) to work out while we are here and Earth is a place to do it. Our religions have not taught us any of the deeper purposes of why we even exist. This ‘awakening’ we are going thru, should open our inner eye to the bigger, grander scheme that is LIFE.


    1. There is NO such thing as karma. Karma is an ARCHON DECEPTION. The Archons have been referred to as ‘the lords of karma’….THINK about THAT, Unicorn, and here’s something to read, which I put together in the summer of 2020.

      “There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things! Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought!” : The Second Doctor, from “The Moonbase”, 1967.

      According to COBRA, here is what is happening:

      Earth is a GULAG, for the past several thousand years. The Archons, the Lizards, and the Chimera (EVIL spider like beings who make the lizards look like saints in comparison) came to earth, and took over. The good guys, the REAL federation, found earth in a hostage situation…hence why it been taking awhile to fight this.

      The Archons and company set to a reincarnation recycling system. Souls get FORCED to incarnate here, again and again, as humans….rather than on other planets, or as celestial beings…..and this applies to human souls and ALIEN souls (hence why I am here…I STRONGLY feel I am, really, a PLEIADIAN WOMAN who was killed in battle close to earth and got trapped here..and the Archons, to amuse their sorry asses, FORCED me to be born an ugly man….which I will NEVER forgive them for). They do this either by:

      Trickery: That light at the end of the tunnel? Visions of long gone loved ones? THAT is the trap. Think of a fly coming to a bug zapper. Oh, it LOOKS pretty….get to close….ZAP!
      Technology: The Baddies established a ‘veil’ over earth, going up to about 60 miles over the earth’s surface. It’s like big bubble that won’t let anything out.
      Guilt: The Archons and Lizards will try to make you feel guilty for refusing reincarnation….stating stuff like spiritual development, or past life karma, or other bullshit….think of a nagging mother who induces a guilt trip on their grown up children to go to married and have kids for HER benefit, not her own kids’ benefit.

      And, when you get reincarnated, as a ‘bonus gift’ the bad guys ERASE your memory of your past lives….easier to control you that way. You REALLY think reincarnation amnesia is a GOOD THING? I do not see how it contributes to ‘spiritual development? Development and evolution involves LEARNING and EXPERIENCE…….amnesia undoes that……that is like wanting to learn to be a surgeon, and you go to medical school and, upon graduation, the dean injects you with a chemical that erases not only your memory of your medical education and training, but also your entire memory and identity. Then he gives you a hard kick to the ass, sending you landing, face down, in a puddle of mud, or a pile of dog poo, and then he shouts “GOOD LUCK CUTTING PEOPLE OPEN, SUCKER!” and he goes off laughing. See how DUMB that all is? This is why, I feel, infants cry like banishes upon being born….their memories are being sucked away/blocked…and they are aware of it. I call it SOUL RAPE. This is why, I feel, we have so many haunted places. Those ghosts that inhabit these places, rather than ‘go to a better place’ KNOW what’s waiting for them if they ‘go into the light’ they figured this shit out, and are going to STAY in these places until the reincarnation trap is finally put out of action, and I can not blame them.

      Now, you are probably asking WHY the baddies do this. Answer: The Archons, like a vampire, FEED off energy from emotions, negative emotions……..hate, greed, anger, sorrow, and ESPECIALLY fear. This is why the Archons, and their partners, the lizards, and the human stooges known as the cabal make life on earth is miserable as possible….OCCASIONALLY throwing you some meager crumbs, like fancy gadgets that are in fact junk (those smart phones….or dumb phones as I call them, are, in fact, 100 year old technology) chemical NASA rockets, a black guy as president, vaccines for engineered diseases, etc. This is to keep the masses THINKING they are both free and advancing…when they are actually standing still and stagnating like old water in a barrel. They also throw distractions…..sports, reality TV, jobs, bills, taxes…..to ‘keep us busy’. They also FUCKED our DNA, in order to give us short life spans, susceptible to disease, to make us age, and to cut us off from source. Not to mention surround the planet with toplet bombs, which are in the plasma plane, and could do a LOT of damage….far worse than atomic weapons. They also put plasma implants in us to cut us from source as well, making Earth a hostage situation.

      Anyone who thinks this is a fun ‘game’ and the so-called ‘federation’ allows this misery is because we chose to are full of shit and I am telling you so. To anyone who thinks those kids, who are being raped, tortured, maimed, killed and even EATEN because their souls CHOSE this, or that because they are paying for some crime/sin in a past life……

      ……..go fuck yourself. Also, go pleasure yourself with a cheese grater, so you can not reproduce, for you folks who preach this bullshit propaganda, it makes me wish birth control was RETROACTIVE.

      This is no game, this is a WAR, folks. Earth is concentration camp, where the souls who been trapped here have been pretty much turned into cattle for the Archons and their partners in crime. I highly suggest listening to, or reading Cobra’s interviews/blogs. http://2012portal.blogspot.com/

      I myself plan to meet the good ET’s, get my PROPER BODY, as in gender and genetics, LEAVE Earth, and get back to the stars and find my REAL home world, and my special someone(s) out there, or DIE in the escape attempt.

      In closing: Wake up and smell the mocha. We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY! Contact is long overdue.
      And whether or not you can handle it, what you have read is the truth.

      *drops mic and walks off*


      1. Thank you for a very complete picture detailing “why” you feel the way you do. On Earth, we seem to be only able to control ourselves, hence why we are going through what we are going through as “others” seek to gain from us as humans. As a Quantum, I see the black/white situation on Earth (from whichever players) and use the vibratory tools we have been given to lift myself beyond using my own unique, special , and equal (use) self! Thanks again for sharing your truth! 😊🌹


      2. Vidican you make a lot of SENSE here man, i read you with interest. I think I understand where you are coming from but I also think that our past life experiences/decisions destined us for being here in the first place. When you mentioned “the Lords of Karma” you got my interest right away.


      3. I did NOT chose to come here, Unicron, I was FORCED AGAINST my will to come to this rotten planet, to incarnate as a stinking human, and worse, a MAN…and an ugly, un-idealisitc man at that.

        And for that, I will never, EVER forgive the Archons….and I want to KILL as many of them as I can, for the ONLY good Archon is a DEAD Archon. I say EXTERMINATE the lot of them, otherwise this will continue.

        And IF I am doomed to die on this planet, as a human man…..both the light forces and the dark forces will have to deal with ME, an angry, bitter soul filled with murderous fury….and I will be like a real life Unicron, from Transformers lore.

        This video pretty much says what I intend to do to the Archons and the Chimera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-699NNEahkY

        I plan to DANCE IN THE ARCHONS’ BLOOD, and BATHE IN THEIR TEARS……same goes for the Chimera. I just need the good ET’s to pick me up, RESTORE me and I’m ready to fucking END this war, which SHOULD have ended LONG AGO.


      4. My same response sounds tiresome, yet really when you allow this! It’s all a matter of perception. What do you “choose” to BE? Such fun really…(yes, on Earth I have bad eyes, and debt, yet…I AM FREE inside!!)


    2. Yahoo!! I think you’ve got it! As I KNOW my vastness of BEing, I tend to truly enjoy all that I create for my pleasure. Not really sure what Karma is other than perhaps a cycle of life focusing on actions taken from a lack of Love! Nice reflection…😊🌹


      1. Well, yes…the principle of Karma is no longer working on Earth. We are NOW (No Other Way) living with a “clean slate “ on our own as we choose to BE! Yes, yes, yes! 😊🌹


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