In The Beginning was The Word… – January 30, 2023


By: Laura Aboli

We have ignorantly come to regard language as a mere form of communication, but words are much more than that.

When spoken, not only do they carry specific transformative frequencies, they have power, real, creative power.

Thoughts are the testing ground but the spoken word is our command. That which we repeatedly say becomes our reality, so use words wisely.

Scientist have proven how words affect the molecular composition of water; loving words make stunning geometric patterns, whereas nasty words create distorted, deformed patterns.

Our heart is made up of 80% water, so imagine how words can affect and transform us.

The power of words, however, is not just how they can affect us mentally and physically, the power lies in the fact that they can affect the ‘field’ itself; they affect the web of energy that holds this universe together.

That is where our words have creative power, that is where they become the command to manifestation.

We have lost all sense of our human capabilities and through centuries of indoctrination and deceit have come to accept a distorted understanding of who we are.

We think of ourselves as insignificant, defenseless creatures with no say in our individual or collective future, but I remember we were once told that we were created in the image of the Creator, in other words, we were created with the power to create. And how do we begin to create? With words. Words are the beginning of creation.

So choose and use words wisely, not only to heal, uplift and create abundance but also to reject and disable what you don’t wish for.

At this time of war against evil, I have adopted certain words which I pronounce daily that have truly helped me feel empowered and in control, I wanted to share these with you because I have felt in my own life their transformative power. They are something like this:

“I do not consent to being deceived, lied to, controlled or manipulated. From now on, I only want what is real. I only want the truth.”

You may think this is crazy, but I can assure you this is how you begin to claim your sovereignty, this is how you remove the shackles, how you pull down the veil of deception and you stop your ignorant compliance to anything that is not honest and truthful.

Speak these words outloud every day, not only will they begin to transform your life, they will transform our collective reality.

We ARE powerful, it’s time we begin to use that power to turn things around. ❤️❤️❤️


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