Your Sunday Digest for January 29, 2023: Heads Up, Patriots [videos] ~ January 29, 2023


It is indeed sounding as though the planets could align any day now.

Wasn’t it interesting how President Trump spoke of all the pilots in his address in New Hampshire on Saturday? He said he didn’t understand why so many pilots were required. Of course none of that made sense so we know it was a comm.

We also know how many military planes have been tracked in the air over the USA in the past couple of weeks. We understand there are even more which did not have their transponders on due to the covert nature of their missions.

Q the Storm Rider brings us the update below which alludes to Trump’s messages and their intended meaning for We, the Patriots. He reports that air raid sirens have been installed in many places. Is that what those cylindrical towers and 5G-style installations were about? I’ve seen a couple installed in close proximity to my residence. That would scare the pants off the snoozers, wouldn’t it?

I believe the following could certainly account for Trump’s comms in his Saturday speech as discussed in our last post involving “central casting” or staged events, and his red “danger flag” tie.

As we come closer to Near Civilization Death _EVENT_

It’s HIGHLY EXPECTED as through the United States as major cities like New York. Los Angeles San Diego, Albuquerque
Are all installing, testing New Civil Defence Sirens/ AIR RAID SIRENS… The military is also upgrading their Tornado Sirens/ Air Raid sirens in different parts of the countries.

As we come closer to Nuclear _EVENTS… the MASSIVE Cyber Attacks… The ten Days of Darkness that had long been predicted and all branches of the Military are the HIGHEST LEVELS are practicing>>> procedures and protocols for a United States going under Military control and Command
( Laws of War procedures by the Department of the Defense) .

>TRUMP also is preparing the United States for the incoming _EVENT And has been DROPping info and creating an Building a Missile Defense shield over the United States much like Israel’s Iron Dome //
*TRUMP is trying to tell you the RUSSIA/ CHNIA are about to ATTACK w/North Korea and we are COMING VERY CLOSE to the _EVENT…. ( But you must remember as i have been telling you for so long the Military World Alliance Is STAGING 🎥🍿 this_ EVENT…….. And these EVENTS will lead to the down fall of the [ DS] military INSIDE SCOTUS (PENTAGON BLACKHATS at the HIGHEST LEVELS .DOD.DOJ. ECT ECT.)///

This long awaited Event leads to INVESTIGATIONS MY MILITARY INTO WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WEAR CONFLICT AND MASSIVE MISINFORMATION THAT TRIGGERED A NEAR DEATH GLOBAL NUCLEAR EVENT…….. THE INVESTIGATION IS THE DOORS TO >>>TRIBUNALS>>>> Military intelligence white hats WILL so forward from all different military divisions and departments and give detailed info on DARPA . [ DS] OPERATIONS CONNECTED TO CIA PENTAGON ECT ECT ECT OBAMA CLINTONS, BUSH< .. ECT …. >All being part of the Facilitators of the Greatest Crimes Against HUMANITY DO STATE EVENTS ( AGENDAS) .
Q The only way is military

General Flynn lets fly his own brand of comms, seeming to confirm the above. Some feel he might be referencing Q drop #1296.

— GalacticConnection1 (@HMajesty888) January 28, 2023

As the hard proof about the deep state’s despicable crimes flows into the public, they will come up with distractions.

For those that want to ensure the Pfizer document describing their Gain-of-function research (which they claim is not G-O-F) is real, read for yourself on their website. This document was released at 8:00 PM last night in response to the Veritas video.

— Robert W Malone, MD (@RWMaloneMD) January 28, 2023

They will also activate their hidden assets to commit shootings, etc. to harm innocent people. Who cares about Paul Pelosi and his lover’s spat?

So the @Project_Veritas Pfizer video comes out & all the sudden, we got Paul Pelosi’s body cam footage.

Wonder what bombshell needs to be exposed to get Epstein’s Flight logs.

— Ir0nbelly (@Ir0nbelly) January 28, 2023

Many attempts were made over the decades to get the psychopaths to relent and begin doing good for Humanity but they either flat out refused, or failed to honour their agreements.

We heard some stated they would never surrender and if they went down, promised to take as many of us with them as they could. Welcome to reality—at least the only one we currently have access to.

In the following we are probably getting a little closer to the truth about the absurd globalist move to provide “carbon-neutral” chicken eggs. We already know they have released an Avian virus or claim there is one and heard they paid egg producers to kill thousands of birds.

Here’s the latest attempt at sabotage.

Multiple companies battle fire at egg farm in Bozrah

If they wanted to add another element of poison to the food chain, would this method below work? Would people rush out to buy these engineered chicken eggs only to find they were laced with more of the stuff they wanted to inject with their “vaccines”?

So what’s the deal with chickens not laying eggs all of a sudden? Rumor is that mRNA is being added to commercial chicken feed?

Anybody have details?

— Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) January 28, 2023

TGP’s Ben Wetmore reported on Thursday that the popular “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed sold by the Tractor Supply chain has been recently altered and that its new formulation is causing chickens to stop laying eggs. Some suggest a deliberate reduction in the amount of protein in the feed may be causing the reduction in egg production.  Source

I must say that is far more believable than the story they’re giving chickens a healthy environment, places to play, and chicken feed consisting of “repurposed bakery byproducts”—while they expect us to eat bugs.

Sustainable eggs. Who knew? As far as I know, the chickens believe it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature and they don’t believe this scam is ethical. In short, they are not amused.

If that wasn’t bad enough, according to this short video SGAnon just uploaded, some are already eating plastic eggs. Unbelievable, we think, but seeing is believing. This makes my $2.99 eggs from Trader Joe’s that I just finished eating look really good.

Aldi, Walmart, Eggland’s Best Eggs | Many Contain Plastic

As I suggested recently, Trump will probably swoop in and save the day like Superman. Link to Telegram by Q the Storm Rider.

In the Future As TRUMP > WILL< make public world peace with Russia. ChINA. North Korea and TRUMP WILL<BE THE BIGGEST PART OF THE PUZZLE TO STOPPING THE NUCLEAR FULL DESTRUCTION EVENT………..( It Will be clear to ANONS PATRIOTS WORLD FREEDOM FIGHTERS that Trump. Putin xi. Modi . Bin Salman Were alll working together and bringing down their deep state in all their countries
Together through the massive MILITARY WORLD ALLIANCE OPERATIONS…..


And only then WILL TRUMP and the world come back into peace and a real digital Gold backed U.S system be in place and connect to the rest of the world in the GOLDEN AGE


This possible meaning came up from a Trump post, as well. Triple confirmation? Link to Telegram.

Kind of random to ReTruth at 2:33 AM and add the comment “Here we go!” – it a loose string with 29 returns – Make a solid connection to three – including a Jan 27th 5-year delta.

May 31, 2020 4:34:45 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b9dffc No. 9398590
Buckle up.
Here we go.
2y, 7m, 4w, 21h, 37m ago
8kun qresearch

For those who still have difficulty trusting that White Hats are in control and the Military has everything well in hand, you might benefit from listening to an impassioned “rant” from US army veteran Derek Johnson who studied military law extensively and made videos and a website to explain to civilians [and unaware veterans] what the Law of War Manual, various Executive Orders, etc. mean to the war effort and why they were created and executed.

For example, he reveals that only the President can federalize the National Guard and deploy them anywhere. Wartime means special rules and laws come into play and we know Trump, the military, the White Hats, the Earth Alliance have all their ducks in a row in preparation for what is coming in this process of Continuity of Government. Watch and listen on Before It’s News at the link below.

Derek Johnson Shocking! “This Will be Over Soon”! – Video

We have had numerous reports that the National Guard has been deployed outside their own states where they are needed or anticipated to be needed based on the probable attacks coming from ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter, or other threats—which have recently begun, of course. The Commander-in-Chief [Donald Trump] has done everything possible to ensure the safety of civilians and the nation and the success of the mission.

This is a very complex war and much of the time we have to engage our faith but we have had ample communications from Q Military Intelligence to educate us each step along the way. They prepared us for this time we are about to launch into as a planet and a race of people. Trust, and remain calm.

It seems there are some communication glitches in the system here at Starship Earth and some folks are having difficulty posting comments. They are coming through, but it doesn’t appear so when you are leaving them so I am deleting multiple copies of the same comment. Sorry about that. A lot of things are glitchy these days and usually the problem resolves on its own in a day or two.

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That’s all I got for you on this peaceful Sun-day in the desert.

Talk soon.  ~ BP

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