When Will The Truth Be Told? – January 29, 2023


The FDA is the enemy of The People, why would they approve or regulate medicine that actually works? Since the CONvid campaign, they have proven as an institution that is complicit in harming & killing everyday humans.

Cannabis & Hemp will break the medical industry, along with several other matrix industries. The only reason there is a legal cannabis movement is for the controlling DS agents to dilute & distort its medicinal properties — to take control of the ‘cannabis’ narrative, to steal money from this industry & use it as another money laundering machine.

FDA Will Not Issue CBD Regulations, Plans to Work with Congress Instead


8 Benefits of CBDA and CBGA


Amazing CBDA + CBGA 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Seshat’s Flower Maximum Defense CBDA + CBGA Softgels

A good, clean & high-vibrational source for CBDA & CBGA


The FDA will always bat for big pHARMa


The FDA is the enemy of the PEOPLE.


FDA Asks the Court to Delay First 55,000 Page Production Until May and Pfizer Moves to Intervene in the Lawsuit


Project Veritas Expose FDA videos



Coconut Oil is antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungus & antibacterial, with health benefits consisting of good hair care, skincare, stress relief, cholesterol level upkeep, weight reduction, enhanced immune system, proper digestion & regulated metabolic process. It also provides relief from renal problems, cardiovascular system diseases, high bloodstream pressure, HIV diabetes & cancers, whilst helping to improve dental quality & bone power. 🥥🥥🥥

Coconut oil was popular in traditional western nations like America & Canada, until in the 1970s, there was a powerful propaganda marketing campaign distributed by the corn oil & soy products oil industry towards coconut oil. (This is an old playbook that is still being used this very day.) Coconut oil was regarded as harmful for the human body because of its high saturated fats content until in the 2000s, when people started to question the claims of the fake propaganda. 🚫

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Diseases and Conditions

Improves Cancer Status

Fights Jock Itch And Athlete’s Foot 

Fights Off Candida Yeast Infections 

Helps Cure Some STDs 

Good News for Dieters

Decreases Belly Fat 

Helps In Weight Loss 

Controls Blood Sugar Levels 

Reduces Inflammation

Improves Digestion 

Overall Health and Wellness

Strengthens the Entire Immune System 

Detoxifies the Body 

Supports Bladder Health

Promotes Skin Health 

Fantastic Side Benefits

Increases Sex Drive 

Increases Good Cholesterol 

Combats Tooth Decay 

Skin, Hair, and Bones

Moisturizes Skin 

Conditions Hair 

Strengthens Bones 

Lubricates Skin For Shaving 

A Wonder Oil

Relieves Stress 

Slows Down Aging

Kills Germs

Organic Coconut Oil Softgels

Available at:



N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Glutathione, Zinc, Astaxanthin, Quercetin, Vitamin D3, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, CBD — all help with detoxing. 💯





Editor’s Note: Since the COVID “virus” has never been identified, nor isolated in culture, what exactly will they be “mutating”? Do you trust Pfizer??!🌹

Pfizer disclosure continues to drip out… 🩸🩸

Pfizer Quietly Releases Statement in Response to Bombshell Project Veritas Video

Pfizer RESPONDS to Project Veritas’ ‘Bombshell’ Undercover Video Showing Exec’s Remarks on ‘Mutating’ Viruses

Pfizer Hacked Docs


Connect the financial dots & you will know why political science, politicians, mockingbird media & big tech pushes the vaQz


“TRUST THE SCIENCE” — The pfizer Files




I think Diamonds “death” may have been a white hat psyop to wake up people to the dangers of the vaxx and force the media to cover it🤔 Diamond and silk didn’t even take the jab and the “mourners” there look a bit too happy to be at the funeral of their beloved friend

What do you think?



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