Weeping Time Is Here . . . Events Come Rushing Now! ~ January 29, 2023


January 29, 2023

Weeping Time is here.

Events come rushing now!

It has been abandoned!

There is no longer any time! The plan had been for this week’s Vox Populi to feature the stories of those people damaged by the covid injectibles.

The plan for this week has been abandoned. There is no point. Universe is providing this view to you unaided by us. There are millions of responses of personal damage from the injectibles appearing on ALL the social media. There are rising mass protests against the covid injectibles and the damage now emerging throughout the population. There are now lawsuits against the Federal government for hiding the truth about the damage types and rates of occurrence. How long before the suits start being filed in this state? Oh, wait, that’s happening now! Will you be named in one of these suits?


The People believe you are their enemy!

It is sad, and it is true!

You will not find anyone to tell you what is really happening in their world.

As soon as a power structure emerges, reality is distorted by it. People within are imprisoned by a lack of candor, a lack of honesty, with ALL information. It is the nature of humans that this occurs.

This means that YOU are deprived of actual information, and ONLY get a distorted, edited, and redacted view from everyone.

This situation is potentially fatal! What if YOU were deprived of vital information, and subsequently took the #clotshot?

IF SO, is censorship blocking information that would possibly help you recover from these side effects that are affecting 83% of all people with 2 shots here in USA?

Were YOU aware that there are MASSIVE PROTESTS rising against the covid injectibles around the Western Liberal Republics happening now?

Can you see the tide turning in Humanity? Are you able to see and recognize where this leads in mere months?

This year and next, are the years of the death of a Federal Government supported by a fiat currency. It is this currency that has supported and shielded the Lies and Deaths from ‘covid’ injectibles.

The death of the FRN (federal reserve note) will Change Everything You have Ever Known. It will Overturn the Lies and Reveal True History.

Are YOU able to handle Truth?

We are ALL going to see soon.

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