Sun. 29 Jan. Q) The Storm Rider ~ January 30, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Restored Republic for their compilation of the following information:

  • As we come closer to Near Civilization Death Event (Mutually Assured Destruction MAD) it was highly expected that throughout the US major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Albuquerque were all installing and testing New Civil Defense Air Raid Sirens as the Military upgraded their Tornado Sirens in different parts of the country.
  • As we come closer to Nuclear Events, massive Cyber Attacks and Ten Days of Darkness, all branches of the Military were at the highest levels practicing procedures and protocols for the US to go under Military Control.
  • Trump was also preparing the US for the incoming Event and has been dropping information while building a Missile Defense Shield over the US – much like Israel’s Iron Dome.
  • Trump was trying to announce that Russia, China and North Korea were about to attack – though in reality, the Military World Alliance was staging this Event that would lead to a downfall of the Deep State Military inside SCOTUS (Pentagon Black Hats at the highest levels of the DOD and DOJ).
  • This long awaited Event would lead to investigations by the Military into who was responsible for the War conflict and massive misinformation that triggered a near death Global Nuclear Event.
  • The investigation was the door to Tribunals where Military Intelligence White Hats will go forward from all departments and give detailed information on DARPA (Deep State Operations connected to CIA Pentagon, Obama, Clintons, Bush) – all being part of the facilitators of the greatest crimes against Humanity. The crimes connect NATO, UN, DAVOS, WEF, Gates, ect.
  • The Rockefellers, Rothschilds Deep State digital currency implementation attempt was refused by European countries – the big topic behind closed doors at the Davos Group gatherings. They who controlled the world banking systems and wanted to secure the Digital banking system and implement full digital control of all money across the world were denied installing their European digital banking system program. The News hit the Davos Leaders hard. (Before the public knows anything the Elites prepare everything for their agendas and roll out much like the climate change agenda).
  • In the wake of the bad news the Davos leaders were also all informed White Hat Alliance Operations were targeting George Soros and this exposure of Soros would begin in the US through coming after the Rockerfellers who control the CIA, Pentagon and half of US Corporations through Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard and Fortune 500.
  • George Soros was in a heated argument with top Elites at the Davos world gathering over China and China seizing several more investment branches belonging to Soros’ entities and investment firms as XI Collapsed almost all Soros china networks and operations.
  • The Davos group can’t let go of China because they were heavily invested in the second largest oil company in China.
  • The Biden files and Hunter Laptop contain classified files to connect European top officials to corrupt money laundering rings.
  • Massive Military Alliance Sting Operations were headed to Military Tribunals on crimes across the world.
  • The White Hats will let the Rockerfellers/Rothschilds DARPA create their digital banking system, but safeguards were in place to see the system collapse.
  • Trump will make public world peace with Russia, China, North Korea. Trump will be the biggest part of the puzzle to stop the Nuclear full destruction Event.
  • Anons, Patriots World Freedom Fighters know that Trump, Putin, XI, Modi, Bin Salman were all working together to bring down the Deep State through massive Military World Alliance Operations.
  • The Rockefellers, ect. would be removed after they were exposed through Military Operations and the coming Tribunals. Only then would Trump and the world come to peace and the real digital gold-backed System be in place to connect the rest of the world in the Golden Age.
  • Everything is connected. The Storm is upon us. Q

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