Reports of More Attacks on Iran Become Scarce as Sources Are Being Censored ~ January 29, 2023



Despite all this, Iran did not— Eren ☭ (@Eren50855570) January 29, 2023

Saudi media has reported the US and another country carried out drone “strikes” in Iran. Russian state-run news TASS also reported this, citing Arabic news, Al-Arabiya television. Israeli news i24 also reported this, citing Saudi media.

Iran suffered one of the most massive attacks in Iranian history
By Avia pro
During the night, at least 20 strikes were inflicted on Iranian territory.The attack on Iran began the night before. The target was the country’s civilian and military infrastructure, as well as military bases and one of the largest military airfields. The attacks on the Islamic Republic were carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles, which could not be shot down using the country’s air defense systems.At the moment, it is known that strikes were carried out on a military plant in Isfahan, oil refineries in the country, on the largest Iranian air force base in the city of Dizful, military bases in Hamadan and Karaj, a plant in Rasht, as well as the capital of Iran – Tehran.Initially, the Iranian Ministry of Defense completely denied the reports that the strikes had been carried out.“In the evening, around 23:30, an unsuccessful attack was carried out using drones on one of the factories of the Iranian Ministry of Defense, and, fortunately, thanks to protection measures, one of them was hit. Two other drones were hit by the use of an electronic warfare complex , ”the official statement said.However, on the video footage presented, one can see that the strikes were still carried out, including on Tehran, although Iran has not yet commented on the information about multiple explosions in the country’s cities.The situation in western Iran was so critical tonight that the Iranian Ministry of Defense issued an order to deploy fighter jets. Air raid sirens sounded in most major cities in western Iran. It is also known about the defeat of some unknown aircraft (according to the source who published the video, we are talking about an aircraft – ed.) over Tehran.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to arrive in Israel on Monday.
This is getting scary.
Is NATO+Israel going try to take out Russia and Iran at the same time and right now?
This may blow up very soon



More info on coalition attack on Iran on Syria/Iraq border:

– 6 trucks were targeted
– The trucks were passing from Iraq border into Syria at the time.
– Ambulances were rushed to the scene and casualties were expected.— Royal Intel 👑 (@RoyalIntel_) January 29, 2023

Huge explosion rocks arms factory in central Iran: Military site is hit by ‘drone strike’ by unidentified attacks as global tensions rise 💥 Daily Mail Online <a href=">— CyberChick (@warriors_mom) January 29, 2023

United Kingdom Royal Airforce heading in direction of Iran— 🇺🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧🇵🇱 UKRAINE🐆 FOREVER💗KYIV DAY 341 (@UkraineDiary) January 29, 2023

My comments:
Numerous reports came out on twitter that people tried to send video and photo reports of the recent attacks on Iran but they were censored.
The map shown above does not reveal all the locations where bombings took place, it was much more widespread across Iran and also included northern Iraq and parts of Syria, where a convoy of Iranian trucks were hit by fighter jets.

There were reports that US was part of the bombing, but the US denies this report.
This is the largest bombing attack against Iran in their history, and it is not likely the Iranian government will stand down and not retaliate. They launched a missile attack against a US base after much less of a provocation.

In recent months the Israelis have made huge advances in their hyper sonic missiles and was able to penetrate the Syrian defenses without being shot down. They may be using the same type of missiles in these recent attacks. However, it is not known if they improved their own defense systems with higher speed rockets.
It is also known that over the years the enemies of Israel have tried different attempts to penetrate the Iron Dome defense system the Israelis have set up. They discovered that if numerous missiles were launched a the same time it would overwhelm the defense systems allowing missile to get through the defenses. If Iran employs that kind of missile strategy they may be able to attack Israel with missiles that are carrying nuclear warheads. Three nukes would wipe out the entire Israeli territory, with no possibility of recovery afterwards.
In response, the Israelis would then launch nuclear missiles from underground bases and subs against Iran and wipe out the majority of their cities.

The shock of this war would change world history and may ignite further attacks against Russia by the US. And that attack could end up seeing European and US cities hit by nukes.


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