Q = Completed, Major Decode Jan 29, 2023! – Must Videos 1&2 ~ January 30, 2023


The last thing the eugenicists running the world want is a working med-bed. Until they are taken out of power, preferably executed, there will be no med-beds. Med-beds may be the only salvation for those who became fully vaxxed.

Research is a word meaning one reads of the work done by, or ”researched” by another, then laying claim or acknowledgement to information discovered by others. Just because something is researched does not make it truth. For instance research shows the Earth is four billion years old. It cannot be proven scientifically .


4 thoughts on “Q = Completed, Major Decode Jan 29, 2023! – Must Videos 1&2 ~ January 30, 2023

  1. There Are No Coincidences Why President Trump Gave Me Q Security Clearance In The QResearch Baxk Channel. . The “Fake” News Media Knows, I Exposed All The Names, In Epstein’s Flight Log.They Also Know I Exposed Nancy Pelosi, In The Underground Rooms, Caught On Security Camera.We Have Everything And Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.In,The End God Wins🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA


  2. Regarding doctors & nurses culpability: With few exceptions, the good ones left, or were forced out by hospital management. A few may be fighting for patient’s lives within hospital in a covert manner. The rest are as guilty as sin. They have knowingly complied with genocide & murder. The nurses know damn well, that patients were denied even basic humanitarian care when on ventilators. They know all of it.


    1. This is exactly why I choose to “retire” early as. Hospital lab director! I could no longer agree with the current way medicine is being practiced. A far better healing system is almost here! 😊🌹


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