Don’t Back Down – January 39 2023



Who has, “Israel & Iran are heading to war” on their bingo card?

Israeli drone strikes at Iranian oil & UAV mfg facilities from their base in Azerbaijan.



Do not doubt, this will escalate, and Russia will have to side with Iran in a war against Israel.


ALERT 🚨 Authorities raise alert level around Lascar volcano in northern Chile



A Must view this video

Forbidden Secrets of the Jesuits and Khazarian Black Nobility. The Pyramid of Power. The Vatican, British Crown and Rothschild’s Rule the World. Amy Says WTF: Tavistock Institute. Perversion, Propaganda & the Corruption of America. What They Don’t Want You To Know

Listen to this brilliant presentation to understand how we the people are fleeced and made sick with specially designed epidemies.

The bloodline families want people to suffer and die earlier than necessary which is their way they make a lot of money, and simultaneously decimate the population.

Amy Says WTF – Jesuits, Black Nobility & Ascended Masters [2021] Prince Carlo is the Head of the Black Nobility.


Weekend Newsletter – The Final Wakeup Call

🇺🇸🇬🇧 Your Immune System under Attack

Fear mongering to destroy health

Covid vaccination programme is undoubtedly part of most dangerous attack on human health. There are other attackers to be warned about. These are the …

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🇳🇱 Je immuunsysteem onder vuur

Angstverhalen ter vernietiging gezondheid

Het Covid vaccinatieprogramma is ongetwijfeld onderdeel van gevaarlijkste aanval op menselijke gezondheid.

Er zijn nog andere aanvallers waarvoor moet worden gewaarschuwd. Dat zijn de …

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🇩🇪 Ihr Immunsystem unter Beschuss

Angstgeschichten zur Zerstörung der Gesundheit

Das Covid-Impfprogramm ist zweifelsohne Teil des gefährlichsten Angriffs auf die menschliche Gesundheit.

Es gibt noch weitere Angreifer, vor denen gewarnt werden muss. Dies sind die …


🇪🇸 Su sistema inmunitario al ataque

Historias de miedo para destruir la salud

El programa de vacunación Covid forma parte, sin duda, del ataque más peligroso contra la salud humana.

Hay otros atacantes de los que hay que advertir. Estos son los …

Seguir Leyendo

🇮🇹 Il vostro sistema immunitario sotto attacco

La paura di distruggere la salute

Il programma di vaccinazione Covid fa indubbiamente parte dell’attacco più pericoloso alla salute umana. Ci sono altri aggressori da cui bisogna essere avvertiti. Si tratta delle …

Saperne di più

🇫🇷 Votre système immunitaire est attaqué

Des Histoires de Peur pour Détruire la Santé

Le programme de vaccination Covid fait sans aucun doute partie de l’attaque la plus dangereuse contre la santé humaine.

Il y a d’autres attaquants dont il faut se méfier. Il s’agit des …

En savoir plus


Here you go Fam. For those who’d like to rewatch.

Enjoy! 🙏

Full New Hampshire Speech

Full South Carolina Speech


The 2024 Election is our one Shot to Save our Country”

“Dad, I Left Left My Laptop at a Computer Repair Shop” 😂

April Fools Day

“April Fools, Gender Lunacy, Liquid Gold”

“We will Find the Deep State Actors, Fire them & Escort them out of Federal Buildings”

“God Created Two Genders— Called Men & Women” Amen!

“We need the Blessings from God. Our Country’s in Trouble. We will Turn it Around”

I Put my Cards on the Table

“We’re Going to reverse every Crisis, Calamity, & Disaster Joe Biden Created”

“Bing Bing Boom”

🧢 TinaP 🙏

🧢 @realkarlibonne



Just exactly what I needed today. Share the love. Hold the line. 🙏💯




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