X22 Report – Did Trump Just Set A Trap? Executive Order 13526 In Play! Sleep No More! Game Over! – January 26, 2023


The people are now seeing how the [DS]/[CB] are funding the illegals and giving them benefits while the American people’s retirement burns away. The people will stand for this. The people have spoken, no GND, no Great Reset, they want American to be great again. The [DS] players are now being cornered, they will have to make a move and Trump is counting on this.

Trump is now moving them down a path and the [DS] players are proceeding down the path. Pence has now been thrown into the mix. More docs have been found at Biden’s place. Trump is now bringing in Obama and pushing Obama to make a move. Will EO 13526 come into play. [DS] in trouble, they have committed the crimes of treason, it’s just a matter of time.

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