The Truth Begins… – January 24, 2023


Dr. Seuss not part of early education?! 🌹

Plain and simple! 😁


Let the reeeeeeing commence! 😆



Bill Gates is WORRIED about Q /Anon and the Free Availability of Information – 01/23/2023 Interview:

Gates talks about QAnon.   Someone’s panicking! 🍿🐸

• Q:  “How WORRIED are you by developments at Twitter in general the potential of social media to drive polarization & division & crazy ideas & conspiracy theories?”

• A:  “…The free availability of information, naively, certainly within the IT industry people like myself who got a chance to be a part of creating these things. We thought it would be a net plus for Democracy. And that is still there.

That access to information is incredibly beneficial.  The fact that’s been taken. Where you can kind of just find people who believe Q/Anon & sit there all day long, & be told how right you are & not pulled out of that. That is definitely one of the four or five problems that I put in the next generation must figure this one out…bucket.”

Worried a bit, are they?! 🌹



Declassify this


So what is Trump really up to with this truth?


It feels like this classified document story is inching its way towards Hussein.

I wonder what kind of salacious/damning material he might have been keeping…


I sense something delicious building🌹

Q drop 341:

“Presidental libraries are put in place to retain control over self incriminating c-doc releases.


What kind of incriminating classified docs was Obama hiding?


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