Oh SH*T, something big is happening with covid mandates, lawyers nervous | Redacted News ~ January 24, 2023


Editor’s Note: Personally, I see this type of action being successful. The outcome? The American public will be motivated to resist this momentum with the “Biden Administration” becoming undone. How this “undoing” takes place is unknown. Choices available to be public are to resort to violence to overthrow Biden, et al, or…perhaps this will be the moment to institute Martial Law will force the public to stay contained allowing various video’s explaining the truth of this matter on Earth to be explained. No matter, as Earth readies to transition into a better way of BEing, leaving us all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Lawyers are getting nervous that the Biden Administration could win a major court victory to bring back mask and vaccine mandates. The Biden administration is once again pushing for Covid mandates on the population while at the same time pushing for annual vaccines for COVID-19.

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