Telegram Today – January 23, 2023


What does Biden mean when he says no regrets on hiding classified documents in his garage home and office? Biden spokesman Ian Sams. I think it’s really important to take the soundbite and understand the context.



Remember, we are talking about New York City as the Crime and Murder Capital of the World, where no murder case has even been tried by the D.A. in 6 years, and yet they spend tens of millions of dollars, view 11,000,000 pages of documents, years of investigation, and weeks in trial over the education of grandchildren, etc. Such a thing has never happened before. He was offered a “DEAL” if he pled GUILTY TO EVERYTHING – 90 days, or Life in Prison. Allen Weisselberg is a CRIME VICTIM, and so am I.


Kash is saying that the Biden classified doc situation is an attempt to replace Biden by the deep state.

“Now they have President Biden himself in the legal crosshairs… I don’t think for one instance it’s a coincidence that this story broke the week or two before the world was going to learn whether or not Biden was going to run for re election… I think this is all a political narrative done to basically knee cap/sideline Joe Biden… A lot of these talking heads (Schiff) they aren’t saying publicly by name I believe they are clearing the political wickets for whoever might come next..

You guys can leave and go live your lives… We the Democrats will put up a candidate that we believe that can defeat Donald Trump..”

If this is the case, who do you think they are planning to put up against Trump?


Even Ghislaine Maxwell believes Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

It’s interesting to watch Ghislaine pretend like she and Epstein were just friends and not literal Mossad spies running a elite pedophile blackmail ring for the intelligence agencies.


The first Nuremberg did not achieve true justice.

Instead, they actually integrated criminal scientists/engineers into our government while the elite bankers continued to profit off both sides of war.

Ever heard of Operation Paperclip?


I still think Hunter & Ashley Biden “left” their laptop and diary as part of a deal to expose their corrupt pedophile of a father. (And for Hunter, to protect himself from prosecution?) 🌹



“Zelensky should be at the negotiating table but instead tours the world selling his forever war as Ukraine is destroyed and conscripted Ukranians are killed by the tens of thousands.

In the past 25 years, the imperialists have perpetrated wars of aggression.. They’ve killed millions of people and displaced millions more.

NATO members have never faced justice for these crimes. 

If we actually care about justice, we will stop the antagonism and hypocrisy and get down to the real work of peace making.”

Spot on 🔥



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