Juan O’ Savin: RV, QFS, NESARA, GESARA, XRP – This Is Huge, Stay Tuned! ~ January 24, 2023


4 thoughts on “Juan O’ Savin: RV, QFS, NESARA, GESARA, XRP – This Is Huge, Stay Tuned! ~ January 24, 2023

  1. Regarding Juan’s stance on Nesara I never heard mention of the $29 quad (30 zeros) of gold found during clean up of dumbs and other locations. CW is said to have flown this gold around the world to store in many places. During this discussion it seemed to be more than “we don’t have it” and the systems are still risky. Others could “snatch” it away. Everything seems unbalanced. Juan didn’t really seem very positive although he did concur with the fact it has happened. It is supposed to be in place by the end of this month. This per many sources one of which is Dinar Recaps. Can you try to beovide some clarity on this?

    You don’t have to post this as maybe it’s me that is just confused. Trying to keep up. Thx!!


    1. Thanks for asking, Brenda. This is hard to do at times, but I try to avoid details instead preferring to focus on the outcome. It’s really, really hard to really KNOW what is going on because there is so much “ disinformation” we are fed. So…I go with my intuition, aided by what my heart feels! In this case, I don’t really care about where, or how much, gold there is right now nit where it is. This is because I know our abundance and personal prosperity are to be distributed “soon”. Hope this helps! 😊🌹


  2. Greetings…I know that NESARA/GESARA will happen in its own good time…I am just concerned with the way this system is ripping the people apart with these unlawful/illegal evictions from apartments and foreclosures on homes…destroying alotta families, homes, and property!!! Ungodly…SMH…and THIS is suppose to be the greatest Nation on Earth??? Could have fooled me…


    1. My thought is for EVERYONE to be affected/inflicted by the more than copious amount of scandal happening now (no other way)! These failing processes, along with a nuclear war scare has been put into place to kinda force ALL to look within their own consciousness. Truly…scary AND exciting times! 😳😊🌹


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