Jan. 22 2023: Thoughts on FRN’s, USN’s and NEER “Catch-22 Currencies”


  • Posted; “As of Wed. 1 Feb. 2023, any fiat US Dollar printed prior to 2021 will no longer be accepted as legal tender anywhere in the world according to a US Treasury Letter, although this date may be moved further back a few days. …Bruce, MarkZ”
  • Posted; “By Feb. 2, 3 fiat currencies were set to be pulled out of banks and stores. …Bruce”
  • Posted; “People report not being able to withdraw large amounts of cash from their bank accounts – the banks saying they just don’t have the cash.”
  • Posted; “MZ: Stop worrying about if you will have time to turn in your current fiat bills. We will have plenty of time…..I am told that once it starts….ideally they would like to keep it to 30 days to get them all out of circulation. But I was told it will be more like 90 days.”
  • Posted; “Sheila: It just happens that the US is last. The month of January is a transition for us. Even in foreign news articles I have seen them say “The US will transition from their old dollar to their new dollar as of Jan. 31st” They may announce it between now and the 31st to the people , but they have 60 days to transition over to that.”
  • Posted; “Sheila: it is very public knowledge that banks have new printed Treasury notes in their vaults. This is tier 1 banks only…that I know of…..it could be more now but at the particular moment I heard it- it was tier 1 banks only.”
  • The Catch-22 is exchanging all these Notes with-in 2-5 days with about 200,000,000 people trying to do it at ten percent of the banks and credit unions in business right now, and that is where the FRNs cannot be used and the USTNs are still not available for transactions, and therefore the ‘digital bank card’ is the only thing we are to be using. Is this the Motto of 2023: “NO CASH! Go Digital!”?
  • According to the NESARA Law we are to have one full year to exchange, 365 days, however maybe the White Hats got the info that there was way too many of the FRNs out there with the bad guys and the best way to make sure of those peoples’ losses are just to have just a few days coming up to exchange them all, like for normal We The People being able with the fewer amounts. Most likely the bad guys’ fraudulent debts will NOT be Cleared.
  • Maybe during these few days suitcases and briefcases of stored up FRNs will be accepted for exchange on the basis of your QFS account is to be going to you and will be opened, thus your ID and other verifiable info is required. And for the capture of the criminals trying to make these exchanges there will be much more security/police at the ready.
  • Now is it that only the top Tier 1 banks will have the New USTNs and if you do not bank there too bad for you, you cannot exchange? I live in a small town with about 1,700 people and the nearest city with banks and food stores is 25 miles away with 25,000 people and they have one Bank of America, one Wells Fargo ATM and 5 federal credit unions thus the nearest walk-in Tier 1 bank is over 100 miles away. Or is this where you can only go to a Tier 1 bank to open your QFS account?
  • And by the way I will give $10,000 of USTNs to anyone who can show me any printed 2021 Federal Reserve Note, not a 2017 one printed in 2021, with the Biden Administration officers’ names on it. That would be a collector’s item and also be fraudulent. …Danlboon

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