UnCommon $ense – January 22, 2023


Editor’s Note: A friend (thanks, P!) has submitted these thoughts which echo throughout our country in this moment.

How to cope? Turn within, grasping onto the reality You Desire, BE thankful and happy within the having of your desire, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


UnCommon $ense

While I can’t explain who is behind, and what is the ultimate goal in screwing up our once wonderful country, I can , however explain how it has been so easy to accomplish.

In the 50’s and 60’s we all were informed about domestic and international news happenings by the big three (Alphabet) networks by very reputable newsmen (actual journalists). These newsmen earned all our respect over time. In those days the news agencies were extremely competitive about being the first to break a news story. A newsman would literally do anything to get the lead on the new big story of the day. Because of the competitive nature of these agencies we could watch any of the networks and get the same story. We tended to watch our favorite newscaster (I got my nickname in honor of Walter Cronkite) but you would still get the same story from any news agency.

With my degree in broadcasting, it was beat into us for 4 long years the importance of maintaining a high level of integrity with the public as to capture the largest share of the viewers. So you can probably imagine how shocked I have been to watch the complete trashing of proper news rooms to become ad agencies for political parties.

The Bottom Line…
So why is it so easy for the current administration to literally violate our constitution and dissolve our southern border to allow tons of poisonous drugs, thousands of criminals, and hundreds of thousands of people that can’t speak English and can’t easily function in our society.

Make sure CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc doesn’t cover it in any way. My own college educated sister doesn’t know about the crisis on the border because she only watches CNN.

So without proper news agencies we will have a very uninformed population and I truly don’t know how you move forward in a construct manner when your population JUST DOESN’T KNOW.

Oh yeah, what could cause such a seismic shift in the ethics and morals of our new agencies…. The almighty dollar.. Yes, and
I’m reminded of the words of the politician William Anders Clark, who said “I never bought a man That wasn’t for sale”.

So, I would suggest to any graduating seniors to Pursue a degree in political science… this will guarantee several generations of millionaires for any family lucky enough to be elected.

Thanks, Walter


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