The Countdown – January 22, 2023


has been an EVENT many of us have been expecting in the past year….


_The COLLAPSE of gas, oil and .> DIESEL<

Both sides of the OPERATIONS. White hats vs. Blackhats want the same EVENT… For several reasons

> Blackhats wants chaos and climate change and confusion inside the DIESEL COLLAPSE

>White HATS want EXPOSURE of a broken CORRUPT U S. system, that is being guilded by the Democratic party and deep state President taking command from NATO. UN. Forces. DAVOS ROTHSCHILDS….. But one more important THING that White Hats want is Justice for JFK and human/child trafficking.

This all connected to U.S. shipping connected to the U.S. Mafia who control the UNIONS

( THINK JIMMY HOFFA … how created the UNIONS and how he was killed for the UNIONS CONTROL and how the American Mafia was connected to the Assassination of JFK )/

_ The post 16 months White HATS FBI . secure OATH keepers, Mil. OPERATIONS. Federal Marshals have Arrested, and started a huge MASS investigation into the UNIONS that are controlled by the Mafia who control U.S. shipping, truckers,.. Control all shipping Ports.. This MAFIA Organization controls over half of U.S. shipping of DIESEL.

_ The INFILTRATION of FBI.DOJ . CIA DEMOCRATIC party into the U.S. Italian Mafia crime families was long also established. ( Much like the Black lives matter and ANTIFA operations are CONTROLLED by the Deep State …. But also the heads of CRIME Families of the Mafia are also CONTROLLED on higher levels…… That are connected to UNIONS)///

The Mafia (heads), DEEP STATE CABAL CONTROL the U.S. shipping industry that uses TRUCKING GAS. > DIESEL< for their operations also control the U.S. Human/child trafficking routes… These connections lead to EVERGREEN… WAYFAIR and 7 other MAJOR orgs that sell humans in modern day human slavery….. That’s how you get over 840,000 missing kids a year in U.S. Alone with close to near 1.5 million missing adults and kids together annually.

_, CURRENT operations inside closed indictments are on the heals of the ITALIAN Mafia and their compliance to run human trafficking routes through their UNIONS… is at a near END. _

THE LONG JOURNEY OF JFK JR. to destroy the U.S. human trafficking rings and their connection to U.S. syndicated Mafia families that are controlled by [ DS] OPERATIONS are in parallel jeopardy. ( Most people think the Mafia is non existent these days,,, and most other people don’t believe in OBAMA syndicate crime family. Or CLINTONS crime family)/////

The operation to shut down the U.S. Shipping system to a near HALT is all EVENT that will restructure the SHIPPING REGIMEN and take control from the ELITES who control the UNIONS and give the TRUCKING operations back to the people in the FALL of 2024_into 2025

The Fall of the CABAL>>> operations in progress//////

Nothing is as you think.


Please join: 👇👇👇👇👇 (Donald Trump WON)

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