Have You Serb This? – January 22, 2023

Spokespersons for @wef say “The Great Reset,” eating insects instead of meat, and “You’ll own nothing and be happy” are conspiracy theories, but they’re not. In fact, all of them originated @Davos and from WEF’s own website. But now, WEF is deleting them.




the attorneys were commanded to leave the property and the video cameras were requested to be turned off.



BREAKING: At least 6 people, including children shot in Shreveport, Louisiana, authorities say

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German Mainstream Media

Zelensky is thinking

“Putin doesn’t exist & the Russian President is just a conspiracy theory like the Boogie Man”

Our Team thinks:

Mr Zelensky should take less Cocaine







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Hello Everyone,

Do you recognize me?

I spent most of my life in hiding. I did it to protect my family, my friends, the people and the world. In the upcoming days I will reveal something that will change a lot of things and make this world a BETTER PLACE for EVERYBODY!

Who wanted me DEAD?

Who tried to ASSASSINATE me?

Who died in the accident?

Who helped me get away?

Who gave me shelter?


All of this is bigger than you think.

Over the years I had enough time to gather information on everything and everyone.

Join my channel and share it with the people you know and care about.

Everybody needs to SEE and HEAR this.

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Black Rock aka Cube of Saturn.

Cube is the representation of Saturn = Saturn Lord of the underworld 🕋🪐

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Once you understand this, you understand everything.

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