Crypto News For You… – January 22, 2023

Q4526 The ‘Guardian’. Kevin Costner

How many times did Mr Pool post Singapore MAS? Everything goes to STELLAR. ⚡️⚡️✨️✨️✨️

Singapore Starts Two New Token Pilots under MAS Project Guardian

Unlocking Asia’s trillion-dollar opportunity in on-chain asset tokenisation

We Launched Project Guardian, Project Ubin, Canada’s Project Jasper & Singapore Precious Metals exchange.

Project Guardian will be 132 Trillion Dollars, recently done a trial with Polygon. It is going to bring in all the Blockchains. This is the most important. In the Black Swan Event/Collapse Of Evergrande.

Jan 31 – USD to default or not be used in the world. Think Evergrande Reports? King Charlie Checkmate?

200,000 Evergrande Employees about to be laid off. Then Reports drop?

Creator of Ethereum is J.P Morgan.

& J.P Morgan is part of Project Guardian.


With this wallet you will find in lineage MAS, SBI Japan, Singapore Precious Metals Exchange, DBS & Royal Bank Of Canada.


Nick Ragone [30 + yrs in Wall Street] has just proven WITH PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFO (OSINT) that the Fed printing press has been officially turned off and a new UST rainbow press has been turned on


3 E’O’s

13818, 13848 & 13959.

Read Section 27.5 in USMCA

Section 27.5 ENDS corruption. All corruption must end in order for GESARA  to take place.

Ripple XRP & Stellar XLM in USMCA.

🔥Original Nesara Bill

Has been updated since Trump has come in. Quantum Gesara.

2 Bills

House Republicans to vote on bill abolishing IRS, eliminating income tax

H.R.24 – Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2021

FED Audit is tied to USMCA. Audits are required for compliance.

This means ALL organizations in the world must be audited, not just the fed.

Charlie Ward, QFS, General Flynn



Ultra Trump Destroyer & Capt. Kyle discuss the Great Awakening

🌟Part Deux–1259149


Going to re-iterate this again

Everything right now and has been just tokens until The Event, flip and flushing everything into Stellar.

See Stellar spent $715,000 on a technology called Dstoq that applies Stock, Metals, Assets etc to the tokens. Surely now everyone has heard about 17 million NDA’s that these organisations are under.

🦞🦞🔥🔥 Must Watch With Documents.


Please Read. 🌟🌟

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