U.S Military Breaking > Government Shutdown ~ January 21, 2023


Editor’s Note: This is getting exciting…are you prepared as events are leading to our BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


13 thoughts on “U.S Military Breaking > Government Shutdown ~ January 21, 2023

    1. This was Utsava, a psychic who foretells the future. Actually, we can all pretty much tell what is going to happen, yet timelines are a problem. I AM seeing a Lot of info out there right now in regards to a shutdown. Will this happen? Big Question right NOW (No Other Way)! 😊🌹


  1. Could you please post the ladies name, websute. And what country she is from?
    PS check out the qfs2020 website.
    If yiu are a humanitarian, You will fit right
    In with Love Won Society once the RVis announced.
    How’d I know.?
    Society and Ron Giles videos.since August
    Ron is currently Redoing 2 of the.5 programs .
    The White Hat Alliance and Q are.backing
    This Humaitarian website with programs.
    Only LWS will receive the.bulk of the funds
    After the RV..
    I currently hold SKR.s with 3 million zeros..


      1. Wasn’t sure about Utsava’s heritage either but its great to know about her even if she isn’t Russian. I didnt think she looked Russian anyway….and I’d never heard of her be4. I like her.


    1. Thanx for the info on who the blonde woman was, utsava…
      Have no idea what “Billy” was talking about, English must not be his primary language or he’s just WEIRD. Enjoyed UTSAVA’s dialogue…whether she knows what she’s talking about, its unknown but she SOUNDED like she did.


      1. Sorry you felt I was non English, or Weird.
        English since birth 71.10 to be exact.
        I spent 34cyears in law enforcement, plus another six years in the US Navy..
        If having PTSD is weird, count me in.
        It came from dealing with people like you
        Who are obviously clueless about serving
        The website, the author of this blog knows about.
        I was just.mentioning it, as anyone who spends countless hours researching. And posting the truth fit into the LWS community.
        Please respect the.postings and you will do fine entering onto the Golden Age Of Mankind.


      2. Then do some editing on what you say to make it more comprehensible. Your original reply made ZERO sense


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