Are You Ready?! – January 21, 2023


5 Year Q Deltas 🌊⚡️

POTUS Retruthed his interview with The REVOLVER from two weeks ago. CIA involvement in JFK assassination is mentioned. Shot Heard Around The World comms!! Matches up to todays Q delta💥

New Moon Today

Closest it’s been in 1337 yrs

Also at its Darkest

When do you hit a Dam?

King Charles to divert Crown Estate windfall to ‘public good’ rather than the Royal Family. 🤭🌈

Royal Family has already been dissolved. These are GESARA comms. Redistribution of wealth.


1/22 > 1/9

Lunar New Year

Year of the Water Rabbit

55 Tweet? 88MPH

1/23 > 1/10

1/24 > 1/11

1/25 > 1/12 [11.2] 2 Days Ahead, Election Day -1, Zero Day?

1/26 > 1/13 [11.3] THGINREVO

1/27 > 1/14 [11.4]

Q621 > 126 > 1/26

No one is sleeping tonight

Let that sink in




Nesara / Gesara is not just about the Gold/ Silver financial piece.. but their are 21 points 👉 to it.. IRS being Absorbed into Treasury, Fair Elections, Restoring our Constitutional Rights, Releasing Humanitarian Funding.. people always get focused on the Financial piece.. because of how severe our enslavement has been.. we can only see 👀 removal of these immediate chains ⛓️ of Cabal imprisonment.

Nesara / Gesara is Habbening!


The Humanity Project

Nesara Gesara and the

Transition to Greatness




Silk Is Demanding Answers About the COVID Injections and What It Did to Her Sister

Diamond said she couldn’t breathe and then died suddenly.

Why does this keep happening?

Why do healthy Americans keep dying suddenly out of nowhere?


The Pyramids were used for many things… One of the things they are used for is to be a generator and amplifier on lay lines… An energy device that captures etheral energy… The third top of a Pyramid 🔼creates a resonant energy a phantom energy that has its own uniqueness… Like if you see Pink Floyd’s pyramid light comes through and splits in the top third this, is the resonant frequency, the phantom beat… The Ark Covenant sat in the middle top third of the pyramids, and they used liquid mercury to help activate the portals and Monoatomic Gold [plasmic energy] into the ionosphere to create a grid that would be a superconductor of plasmic electricity, Open portals interdimensionally through cymatic design of the pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Giza is exactly the frequency of 432, and also other pyramids are in other sacred frequencies, if they would be activated in harmonize in octaves…🎹🎶 they would open portals interdimensionally…🧲🌈🌐

Liquid mercury 🔴= Electromagnetism🧲🌈 = Levitation…🧘

This is how they moved the spaceship called Earth…

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