DAVOS BLOCKBUSTER: “Electric for thee, and gas for me!! ~ January 20, 2023


Just like the jab exemptions provided to the Congress critters…

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

DAVOS BLOCKBUSTER: “Electric for thee, and gas for me!!

A Japanese reporter interviewed a driver for one of the elite at Davos. The driver laid it all out, an epic bust that would usually only be possible by putting a microphone on the meetings, (the private ones, not the public ones).

The driver said the elite will continue to use gasoline while the rest of us are forced into electric because electric is not reliable enough and is considered dangerous to them. They, but not us, need cars that give better warning before failure and have a more reliable measure of distance on the fuel guage, lots of things cause electric cars to sometimes deliver less than half the range they indicate is possible and that’s not good enough for the Davos crowd and when an electric car fails, it is simply lights out, not a check engine light.

This is one of those videos that will get vaporized because it tells the entire truth in one go. For the “climate crisis” garbage at least, we did not need to get a microphone in that place, we got the answer out on the street. And that answer is: They know damn well gasoline powered cars do not ruin the environment, they are instead simply too reliable and too useful for us to have anymore, they’ll continue driving gas while we get electric.

If the embed below does not play (I don’t expect this to last) I have it saved and have stripped the audio off so it can be heard click here. in the video she just points the camera at the driver’s feet because he does not want to be identified anyway, there’s nothing to watch.

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