X22 Report — Episode 2976: Trump Sends an Economic Message to the American People, Public Awareness Kills all Protections ~ January 18, 2023


Ep. 2976a – Trump Sends An Economic Message To The American People, It Has Begun

The GND is hoax just the like the arrest of Greta Thunberg, its all staged by the same people pushing an agenda. Holiday sales fall short and Microsoft is now laying off 10000 employees. Trump sends a message on how to take back the economy.


Ep. 2976b – MSM Turns On [JB], FBI Can Not Protect [JB], Public Awareness Kills All Protections, Zero-Day

The MSM is now turning on [JB], the [DS] players cannot protect him anymore, the public is now aware, the [DS] knew that this was going to happen, they knew that the Prosecutor or the House was going to reveal all this later on.

The [DS] is being brought down a specific path. There are rumors that Trump might be coming back onto FB and Twitter. The [WEF] has let us know that there will be a cyber attack in the next two years, which is very interesting, think Presidential election on 11.5 and then think of cyber attack on 11.4.

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