Ut-Oh for Joe… – January 18, 2023


CNN is actually covering some of the contents of Hunter’s laptop, even showing one of the emails sent that proves Hunter was bringing his business associates to the White House 👀

Sure feels like the end is near for Joe if even the Fake News is starting to cover his corruption.



A Clean [H]ouse is important!🎉🎉🎉🎉



Joe Biden’s brother and son trade on his name… it’s called TREASON and it’s time for the world to know !



So is President Trump saying that the special prosecutor Jack Smith should do the right thing for our country and prosecute Obama Hillary and Biden?!!!

That would be Awesome!!😂



Jordan, Comer, The Twenty, The Magnificent Six, and MAGA will soon wipe that smile off Biden’s face….

Let’s GOOOOOO!!!



Sick of this

Dept of Injustice!!



BREAKING: Swalwell defends Biden taking classified documents and leaving them in his garage

Also suggests without evidence Trump took documents to sell to foreign adversaries


Soooo, riddle me this…

Obama signed Executive Order 13489 called “Presidential Records”… which protects former Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Here’s what it says in one clause: “(e) “Presidential records” refers to those documentary materials maintained by NARA pursuant to the Presidential Records Act, including Vice Presidential records.”

Executive Order 13489:


CIC Trump exerted Executive Privilege in November 2021…

Why doesn’t “Biden” claim Executive Privilege over the classified documents?

Ohhhh that’s right, you have to be President to claim Executive Privilege… you know, a Privilege of the Executive Branch 🤭

It’s all planned, setup, and a beautiful strategy… only a few are ACTUALLY following. The rest are missing out on how detailed and precise this strategic operation actually is.

Remember one of CIC Trump’s comment November 18, 2022:

“If they’re going to investigate me, they must investigate every single President before me.”

It’s fairly easy to follow when you piece the puzzle together.

Anyone using “Biden’s” name and “the Deep State” in present tense… clearly has not one iota what the heck is going on.

Military Operation AND Continuity of Government means ALL things and EVERYTHING is under control.

Once again, you can’t be all “we have it all, we’ve caught them all one minute” and “military’s the only way” straight to something with ‘Biden’, ‘Congress’, and ‘Media’ as if it truly just happened.

🟰 Not awake.

Once you learn the Blueprint of the MO and COG, things like this will be gravy fo’ yo’ biscuits 💯

Find the Blueprint here:

TheDocuments.info 🇺🇸


When Joe interacted with Hunter Biden’s business associates…

They weren’t having afternoon tea.

That means corruption at the highest levels. #Declas !



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