MedBeds R Us and More – January 18, 2023


MedBeds in Mil Video, MedBeds discussed on Fox. 3 types of MedBeds. Algorand & Iota> Medbeds.

Black Sea Fleet gone missing


Treaties & Acts post 1871 are Null & Void

1/19 US Defauting?

Debt Limit

31.4 Trillion

3.14 P.I

3.14 Internet Kill

Think Currency – WEF DAVOS STELLAR. Y did Gates, Soros & Schwab pull out?

Ramaphosa holding war Games with Russia. Think BRICS Alliance.

South Africa & or India to leave C’wealth?

Think Fireworks> Lunar NY

1/22 Lunar NY Sunday

55 Tweet?

[5.13] Law Of War, Attacks on Faculties, Works or Installations, containing dangerous forces.

[DAMS/Nuke Plants]

1/23 – Monday [1]

Tuesday [2]

1/25 [3]

2/9 – John & CBK returning Delta.

5/29 -Memorial Day/JFK Snr Bday – 60 yr Anniversary of the Plan.


Chair Powell tested pos for COVID-19

Vaxxed & gawn home.

88.8 Miles >Diamond

Powell has Rona as we hit debt ceiling , Davos talking catastrophic cyber attacks. Elon calls WEF a Secret Society.

DJ Trump is preparing to come back to Twitter and Facebook – NBC.

Who built the 3GD? US Mil.

13959 – China Three Gorges Corp


Completely Staged Greta

8 thoughts on “MedBeds R Us and More – January 18, 2023

  1. It’s mid January, it’s time to put up or shut up!! They said by mid January, where are the med beds?? I’ve heard enough TALK!


    1. So sorry, yet no one knows when these will open up for public use. It is phenomenal for MedBed use to be addressed as being used for the military. Hang in there!! 😊🌹


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