The Great Solar Flash: A Celebration Of Earth’s Ascension – January 16, 2023


We’ve been watching the Sun for centuries.

We’ve seen it grow, and we’ve seen its beauty, but we never thought it could be something so powerful. The Sun is so much more than a star we usually look at in the sky. It is our life force, and without it… what would Earth Cauldron look like?

The Sun is the main provider of energy on our planet. Energy efficiency will be the key to ensuring that this is maintained and we continue to enjoy the benefits that it has provided to us over time.

There is increasing evidence that we are going through a period of dramatic changes. These events have been called the start of a new cycle for our planet.

You have probably heard about the numerous meteor showers and solar flares that have been happening in recent years, but have you ever wondered why? What does this big Event mean for us as humans? Are we really safe from these events or are they truly destructive?

What is the solar flash going to look like? What will happen during this time period? What should we be doing now?

The Great Solar Flash will be the biggest Event in human history. For some time now, there has been a massive increase in our understanding of what is happening with our planet and how we can use these energies for our benefit.

Modern science is discovering that there are multiple dimensions and infinite universes, and quantum physics all point towards this reality.

The Great Solar Flash will be visible in all parts of the world and will be the largest display of light and energy in our history! This Event will serve as a significant landmark in human existence.

This is an opportunity for us all to celebrate and share our love with each other as we come together to heal our planet, body, and mind.

The Great Solar Flash is an exceptional celestial event that occurs when a highly charged solar burst reaches Earth’s orbit. Usually, this Event occurs every 26,000 years.

However, there are also other types of celestial events that can take place on Earth at any time. These include solar flares and geomagnetic storms.

A solar flare is an explosion of radiation in space caused by coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which are visible clouds of plasma ejected from the surface of the Sun. A CME travels through space at speeds up to 2 million miles per hour (3 million km/h). They are so powerful that they can affect satellites and even cause them to crash into each other or into another planet!

A geomagnetic storm occurs when a large amount of energy is released onto Earth’s magnetic field from external sources such as sunspots or large eruptions on other planets in our solar system. These events can lead to power outages and disruptions in telecommunications and computer systems.

The most severe geomagnetic storms are known as solar proton events (SPEs). SPEs are caused by intense eruptions of plasma that erupt from the Sun’s corona and stream towards Earth at speeds up to half the speed of light. The SPEs can cause disruptions in power grids around the world, including brownouts and blackouts.

The Great Solar Flash is a type of solar flare. But it is not a doom-and-gloom event. It is an opportunity for us all to celebrate life. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate our humanness in all of its greatness!

It would be a great time to release all the fear and negativity you have been holding onto and fill your heart with love and positive energy.

You will receive so much love from Mother Earth, from the Sun, and from the Universe that it will be almost impossible to feel any negativity around you or within you.

It will begin before, during, and after the Event as a gift to humanity.

We will cease to worry about our petty differences and instead come together to focus on creating a world that is as beautiful as it is sustainable. We will see the planet heal.

You can open your heart and say no to fear and yes to love in all its forms. The great solar flash comes to tell us that we are loved, supported, protected, and guided by higher forces.

It is an invitation to remember our true power while being willing to release what is no longer serving us and our future.

So, until the solar flash occurs, let us all come together to heal the world, country, state, and city that we live in!

We are all co-creators of our destiny and reality. So take your power back!

I hope that this information is helpful for those of you listening, and I want you to focus on what is most important!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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