How the Deep State Launder Classified Docs – January 16, 2023


By: Clandestine

Today, the White House Counsel revealed that the Biden’s Wilmington home in Delaware does not have any visitor logs that track who comes and goes. There is no information pertaining to who could have had access to these insecure classified documents.¹

You are welcome to believe this is coincidental, but it’s starting to look like it was by design. Trump dropped this on Truth Social today, juxtaposing how secure Mar-a-Lago is, to how laughably insecure Biden’s document stashes are. Trump is hunting this is by design.


Trump is insinuating that the Deep State have a Classified Doc laundering operation. They store the classified docs at an insecure and unmonitored location, sell access to the location (garage/UPenn office, etc.) so there is no direct hand off of documents, Biden plays dumb, plausible deniability.

There’s no record, log, or camera footage of who had access to these documents. Biden acts like he didn’t know the docs were there, when in fact, they were selling access to State secrets. The concept fits the Deep State playbook for how they get away with everything else. Laundering. 

It is also strikingly similar to Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of State secrets on her insecure server in her bathroom. Hillary had the server connected to IMAP, connected to the cloud, essentially giving free access to anyone who knew about the server. Hillary plays dumb, plausible deniability. 

With Hillary there was no direct email or digital handoff. With Biden there is no direct document handoff because it’s at a stash house with no logs or surveillance. This is how corrupt politicians circumvent the law and sell State secrets for profit. 

Confiscating and selling classified documents is not only a treasonous act in of itself, it’s also a direct threat to NATSEC. This would certainly qualify as “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” needed to impeach. 

The DNC have no choice. They will have to move on from Biden or risk going down with the ship.

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