The Only Way to Bring Down the Deep State Is By Cutting Off Their Funds, and We Can Do It This Week! Here’s How! ~ January 15, 2023


A post written by CGI member MAXtheMAGAnificent.

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There is an old saying that “money is the mother’s milk of politics.” I have a little variation on this saying and that is that “money is the mother’s milk of political control.” Politicians are only able to transform their governance ideas into reality by acquiring the control of government money and then using that money to control the course of reality. Amazingly, the Republicans managed to overcome massive election cheating by the Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections and secured a small majority in the U.S. House of Representatives…the place that ALL spending by the U.S. government originates. It also happens to be the place where the debt that can be incurred by the U.S. government is limited…the House can say no more debt and essentially direct the rest of the government to limit spending to make that happen. Well golly!!

So, for the past few decades the U.S. government has been run completely without what they call fiscal control…that is the legislative branch of government has imposed zero control over either the spending or debt accumulation of the government. There has been no “regular order” in the House of Representatives where appropriations for government spending are to be first considered by the relevant committees of the House, and after amended and approved in committee sent onto the full House for a vote up or down prior to going on to the Senate for concurrence. Instead, monstrosity omnibus spending bills loaded with hundreds of billions of dollars of political pork and waste, written by un-elected, thoroughly compromised bureaucrats and special interest lobbyists, have been dumped on House members at the 11th hour prior to an impending government shutdown due to a lack of spending authority. The House and Senate are then essentially forced to approve the anti-constitutional spending bill for fear that they will be held responsible by the American people for a government shutdown by the traitorous MSM presstitutes who believe that they control public opinion, don’t you know.

But wait, there’s more!!! Because these wild, out-of-control monstrosity spending bills are never in any way related to what the government actually takes in in taxes and fees during any relevant period of time, the amount of debt that the government can take on must be authorized to increase to fill the funding gap, no matter what it might be. So just like in the case of spending, the Congress is repeatedly called upon to increase the debt limit of the Federal government at the 11th hour so that they will not be held responsible by the American people for supposedly causing the United States of America to go into fiscal default (essentially insolvency), again according to the MSM presstitutes. Well golly gee whiz!!!

So, this has all worked great for the Deep State Democrats AND Republicans, affectionately known as the “Uni-Party,” for the last three-or-so decades…I think since the demise of the Gingrich speaker ship back in the 1990’s. The Uni-Party has been a mutual back-scratching, spending spree and debt piling juggernaut put on by totally irresponsible federal representatives and executive/administrative officials with absolutely no regard for the fiscal health of the nation or the interests of the American people. Clinton (except as controlled by Gingrich), the Bushes, Obama, even Trump did absolutely nothing about it and now these people have put us over $31 trillion in debt with unfunded liabilities approaching $200 trillion…THAT’S $200 TRILLION. What has happened to the United States of America under the fiscal mismanagement of the Congress and executive officers of the past thirty years is really criminal… They are the drunk engineers on a runaway train heading straight for the end of the line and total disaster. They knew it, they did it, and they are probably proud of what they did because apparently, they don’t care.

Well right now, believe it or not, We The People, acting through our Republican supposed representatives in the House of Representatives actually have an opportunity to stop the runaway train before it hits the end of the line and ends up in a massive pile-up with all onboard (us) dead or dying. This opportunity is in the form of a periodic need for the House to approve an increase in the federal government’s debt ceiling this very week coming up. We are duly warned by our esteemed Treasury Secretary, dinosaur Janet Yellan, that our beloved country shall go into default if the House does not fall into line and raise the debt ceiling…it just must be done!

Friends, it’s time for the family-friendly middle finger to go out to Janet and her friends in the regime and the Uni-Party. It’s time to cut off the air flow of debt that the Deep State needs to breathe to maintain its evil self. Very simply, it’s time to strangle the Deep State to death by enforcing a highly regulated debt ceiling that only pays for governmental services for the benefit of the American people that are constitutional, non-corrupted, and essential, and cannot otherwise be paid for by existing federal tax and fee income. This strangulation of the Deep State can be the salvation of We The People and our fallen Republic, if only our Republican supposed representatives in the House can find the cajons to do the deed and follow through to a successful outcome for the USA.

Here’s the very simple way that this would work… First, Speaker McCarthy must decide that he is finally on the side of the American people and not on the side of the traitorous Deep State. This is a stretch, but it appears that he may have come over from the Dark Side last week when he acceded to the heroic, patriotic, freedom fighters of the Republicans in the House to gain his speaker’s gavel. Second, Speaker McCarthy must send a short letter to our illegitimate, demented, fascist leader of the executive branch…the Big Guy… Joe Biden and his side-kick Janet saying that he will at this time only allow the House to approve additional federal debt to fund essential services of the federal government, and for starters essential services shall NOT include the following:

75% of the funding of the FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, and FEMA;

75% of the funding of the FDA, CDC, and 100% of all funding of any other governmental agency, NGO, and/or private sector corporation complicit in the COVID-19 plandemic and vaccine bio-weapon creation and dissemination crime;

75% of the funding of the IRS;

100% of the funding of the NATO Ukraine war and any other covert war in which we are engaged without the approval of the American people via their representatives in Congress;

100% of the funding of the WHO, UN, and any other world government body that seeks to take our national sovereignty and destroy our country; and,

75% of the funding of the operations of the District of Columbia until all Jan 6 political prisoners are released from the D.C. jails and cleared of all charges.

One very essential service that SHALL be included in any funding going forward shall be whatever is necessary to secure all the borders of the United States of America and to deport as many illegal aliens who are in America today as possible, as quickly as possible.

Speaker McCarthy must tell the Big Guy that his government will be shut down so long as he does not agree to return the United States of America to fiscal control and indeed fiscal sanity in the way that he, Speaker McCarthy, has specified…and as for Janet Yellan, she can go do an unnatural act with herself, several times.

That’s it…it’s that simple and that effective. Now, let’s see if anybody in D.C. who is supposedly on the side of We The People is, in fact, on the side of We The People.

God Bless America.


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