FIFTY8 / It is time to bring clarity to this world – January 15, 2023


Editor’s Note: This article is recommended for those wanting/needing to explore Who They Are! Indeed, many pathways exist for reaching /teaching the observation that “we” are far more than the observable human we “ appear”.

Please read below, open your heart, exist in the manner you choose, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Reality is a game of thoughts playing with matter which creates deep realities that control our emotions until the dreamer, you, wake up.

We live on an illusion of the Earth.

There are roughly 7.5 billion people on Earth and 2.5 billion are real and 5 billion are projections.  Which are copies of someone right now, which can be parents, siblings, friends…etc. These are known as NPC – “Non Player Characters” or “Handlers.” They run on their programming, their interior dialogue rather than their intuition and heart.

This reality doesn’t belong to us, we are strangers here.  When we interfere with this reality, we have no idea who we are messing with.  There are ways to leave this game, but not change it.  This reality has a purpose and we can exit it, through the mind to the heart.

Our personal reality is a hologram which is created by our thoughts, emotions and actions through our DNA, which transmits our reality to our brain.  We make reality become real.

The body only exists in the mind, the consciousness.

Our life is composed of 30,000 holograms which appear in our auric field.  Yesterday doesn’t exist, it’s just our attachment to that hologram that you’ve experienced.  If we hold onto a past hologram, we are draining energy and taking life force that could be used for today.  Whatever has happened to you already, can never happen again once you learn from that lesson.  

We are all just watching a movie we are creating.

Whatever exits in your consciousness, you will create in order to experience it in physicality.  We are quantum generators of energy that attract frequencies and vibrations.  Our bodies hold the entire spectrum of frequencies/emotion in order for us to create or destroy.

This reality is a school and there are ways to graduate.

This school is called Earth which is an anagram for Heart. We came here to create ourselves through love and to be greater than the body.

There is no such thing as a bad change.  We are all supposed to change.  This is what creates new experiences, new adventures and a greater way to know ourselves.  

Look forward to change and let the waters run free from within your being so stagnation never occurs.  With new adventure there is excitement, disappointment, and a way to evolve yourself to a greater state of appreciation for yourself and others.

Do away with anything that makes you unhappy.  It takes great strength to do so because it is throwing away an identity.  When we leave ourselves bare it can lead to peace.

This void is the adventure.

When we can express our truth without acceptance, then we begin to bloom and become free.  When we are all flowering to our fullest capacity, there is no comparison, competition, envy or status.  There is only growth, there is only evolution.

We are divine Gods living in the guise of something struggling to be moderate.  We are all artists, upon this canvas called life. We are all searching for a way to create ourselves which in totality a perfect, captivating, beautiful unlimited God. No mind.

When we live in the moment and fully express our creative power, our intelligence, our consciousness, without methods and outside authorities we then can create something new and powerful.  Become your own authority, your own teacher and use your vehicle/body to express your vast intelligence.

Listen to how things are said and how it is said, if it’s limiting, separates, divides, then these beings need to take their life a bit further.  

Everyone wants everyone to behave in a certain pattern, except those wanting them to be that way, never practice it themselves.  The lack of self-esteem, the lack of self-love creates poverty.  Prosperity is only the side effect of a happy being who allows a creative mind to be born.  One beautiful day when you arise and realize that, you will have anything you wish.  

It all belongs to you.

When we are joyful, that creates the aura of abundance from the divine Source. When you are happy, the Universe gives you everything you would ever want. A great freedom is to be free of all things that inhibit, so the mind can not be at peace. All should have all they want. They are only catalysts to emotions. For who desires it and haves it shall make them happy and that is the process of creation.

If you do what makes you happy, you will never have problems with finances, ever. 

The priority shouldn’t be money but happiness. Then you become free, you become secure.

You are one of a kind. You have never failed you. You are the greatest mystery and mastery. To be all that you are is unlimited freedom. Encourage yourself for that is happiness.

Without this integration and understanding of self, life becomes a series of conflicts, misunderstandings and corruptions of thought.  This un-training of the mind is what leads to freedom, living in the moment and full expression of your creative intelligence = Happiness, Joy.

Which is the LOVE of Self = integration, balance.

This oneness is then capable of dealing with all aspects of life, without a sense of fear.  

My vision of the world is to create a deeper understand of this school called Earth and the freedom and empowerment to support others to express your unique and one of a kind creative and beautiful intelligence.

Not to teach but to facilitate learning and support for others to assert themselves and be true to who you are.  Live for yourself and no one else, and you will advance into this unknowingness.  

We are here to learn to be grand and unlimited.

Only you are the ultimate teacher and advisor of your being. You may be the next brilliant light that the world has been waiting for, but how would you know until you pursue it and find out?

To truly change the world is to listen to the silence of your heart and not the voices of the mind. Calm your heart and empty your mind.

– Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8

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