Karma: the Programming that Structures Co-Creation ~ January 14, 2023


Before we incarnate, our soul/Higher Self has a plan, a set of experiences it wishes to expand into. This is a subtle process that is not as black and white as ‘do bad, experience bad.’

This set of life experiences can be described as our karma; it is the lens through which we live our lives, the programming with which we come into this world. It frames everything that we think, say and do, because it is what we are here to experience; it is our course work in this lifetime.

Every co-creation we undertake will be informed by this karma, because it is the filter, the lens, the programming through which we operate. It cannot be otherwise. This, however, does not mean it can’t be changed.

Awareness changes everything.

Becoming aware of our patterns begins to change everything. That is when we consciously open to learning the lessons, which is the high-speed road to spiritual expansion and Ascension.

When we notice we’re repeating experiences, whether it’s relationships, friendships, work, money, home… moving into curiosity and compassion for ourselves is a lovely way to begin the journey of awareness. It allows us to get the insights and expand beyond our previous programming to create and manifest differently.

If you are reading this, the chances are you have already cleared much if not all of your karma, and you’re moving into conscious creation that isn’t limited or distorted by your pre-birth agreements and programming. You may be assisting others on their journey; you may be clearing the last layers of your karma.

We are now in such a high vibrational energy that we can consciously release any remaining karma we have. For more information on how to do this yourself, you may like to read this blog, Invocation for Karmic Healing ~ https://tinyurl.com/33dmem8b

You are a sovereign being, you don’t require an intermediary, however, if you would like assistance in Karmic Clearing, I also offer this service ~ https://tinyurl.com/tsuw7hxu

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2 thoughts on “Karma: the Programming that Structures Co-Creation ~ January 14, 2023

    Karma is an ARCHON DECEPTION. Archons have been referred to as ‘The Lords of Karma”.


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