Kash Patel: I Think They’re Going to Find Out Joe Biden Had “Many More Places Where Documents were Improperly Stored” (VIDEO) ~ January 13, 2023


Former Trump official Kash Patel joined Larry Kudlow on FBN this afternoon to discuss the latest news on Joe Biden’s hidden document scandal.

Earlier today DOJ Attorney General Merrick Garland nominated Robert Hur as Special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents.

Kash Patel predicted, “I Think You’re Going to Find Out that Joe Biden had Many More Places Where Documents were Improperly Stored and the Justice Department Had Known for quite some time.”

Kash calls these document locations, like the one in Joe Biden’s Delaware garage, “a crime scene.”

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Kash also described Special Counsel Robert Hur as a “government gangster” linked to Wray and Rosenstein.

Kash says the new Government Select Committee on the Weaponization of Government will also have the ability to subpoena documents in this latest Biden scandal.

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