Go Figure… – January 13, 2023


Strange resemblance? 🥸



💥💥Listen very carefully starting at 48 second mark. Gutfeld said “is this Biden at the Book Repository in 1963”…

Watters says “are you saying he killed JFK?”💥💥



These two pieces of work are BOTH MUST listens!!

Thank you SO MUCH Sabrina and Michael for these amazing pieces of work. ❤️❤️❤️

🔥🔥🔥LISTENING & CODING is highly recommended.

PART 1 AND 2 👇🏻





This is happening Patriots!


President Trump comments on Kevin McCarthy being elected Speaker, saying Congress is united: “I believe that the Republican Party has come together, at least that whole group, and if you look at Congress, I believe they’ve come together like almost never before. I think you’re gonna see great unity.”

Interesting that DJT makes a point to say Congress is united, not just Republicans 🤔

Either way, MAGA is pulling the strings on Congressional investigations. How can anyone not be excited?!


As a hospital Laboratory Director, magnesium deficiency is routinely seen in illnesses of any kind! Take Magnesium malate for better absorption! 😊🌹

Did you know magnesium can help with heart health? I didn’t.

Worth checking into.


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