Friday 13 – January 13, 2023



We are within a wormhole between yesterday + the 18th. Mars moved first in Gemini yesterday and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of a million different opportunities, timelines + options. Yet it feels as if the pieces have still not come together and we feel the urge to act, but cannot see the path in front of us. We must be patient for another 5 days until Mercury moves direct in Capricorn. Mercury rules over our clarity, communications + movement. Capricorn rules over the physical manifestation + the fruits of our labor. Once Mercury moves direct, the path will become clear and the pieces will fall into place. Until then, stay open to all possibilities. Miracles tend to happen during wormholes.


Order out of chaos



What do you see?


Blessed Friday 13th!


The first big Schumann Resonance spike in 2023! It is such an exciting spacetime in all dimensions right now, but for many it’s an intense & turbulent start already. Those that are still operating with old programming are malfunctioning more often. Deeply buried fractals, distorted codes & debris of old traumas are arising into physical reality.

The spiritual warfare has magnified & this is causing heavy emotional energy in the collective field. 3D humans are more vulnerable than ever & many are experiencing critical crossroad choices — to move into a Higher version of Self or resort back to ‘old habits’. The old versions of everything will continue to malfunction & crumble — living like this will be extremely stormy. Cleansing, detoxing, recalibration & purification of ‘old’ Self is necessary, but may also be a challenging & difficult process too. It is the only way to upgrade the human being experience in this new operating system of the quantum physical reality. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨



More Friday the 13th comms! 🚨👀🚨

Another 5 Year Delta.

Next Week – BIGGER.


Number 13 Meaning, It’s a Powerful Blessing From God


Friday the 13th Energy — 11.3 with 1086 Military Aircrafts in the air today! 🚨👀🚨



Back in the days there were less toxins, pHARMa wasn’t big, foods were not processed, no GMOs & the soil was not depleted — the foods were more nutritious.

Cows were fed CBD-rich hemp & cannabinoids were passed down to humans that consumed the meat & milk. The same for pork & chicken as CBD were also in eggs. Today the meat is contaminated with drugs, toxins & diseases.

When hemp was abolished in 1937, CBD disappeared in the food supply. Since then, diseases & ailments grew rampant, until around 2012 when CBD was rediscovered through cannabis research. ✨👁✨

Ways in Which Medical Marijuana Can Help to Improve Your Health

Cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plant has potential to prevent and inhibit SARS-CoV-2



Irish Sea Moss is one of the most powerful superfoods in the ocean. Our body needs about 102 vitamins & minerals for optimum functionality & sea moss has 92 of the 102! Apart from its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, it is packed with Protein, Fiber, Selenium, Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus & Zinc. Being incredibly nutritious, it became known throughout Europe as the superfood of the sea. 🌱🌊🌱

Bladderwrack has been an herbal remedy & a culinary element in various cultures for centuries. Bladderwrack, an iodine-rich seaweed, is used for thyroid problems, obesity, joint pain, constipation & skincare.


20 Proven Irish Moss Benefits


CONvid Crumbles 👉🏽 into Nuremberg 2.0. 💥👀💥

“Pfizer Ignored the Horrific Stroke Safety Signal 90 Days After Vaccine Rollout…” -Dr Naomi Wolf

“I’m going to be very clear about this. … The vaccine is killing people — and it’s killing large numbers of people.” -Dr. McCullough

🔥🔥🔥 -RFK Jr



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