January 11, 2022: While We Were Sleeping… [videos]



There isn’t a day that disappoints any more for hot, breaking news. Yesterday there was mention of “cyber war” and the first headline I saw on this hump day was the following. A “glitch”. Uh-huh.

Every flight across US grounded due to computer system glitch

That has been updated this afternoon. Link to Telegram.

DETAILS – Flights gradually resuming in US after nationwide stoppage

READ: https://insiderpaper.com/flights-gradually-resuming-in-us-after-nationwide-stoppage/

Derek Johnson/Rattletrap posted the following on Telegram. Holy smokes that is a lot of planes. This might suggest that the military traffic took precedence over the commercial flights for very big reasons. That is my interpretation of his post.

These aren’t grounded 🤣

Any conspiracy analyst worth their salt knows that the potential exists for any and all travel to be shut down during “The Storm”. That can also mean border crossings. Yesterday a Telegram post stated there were around 458 craft in the air on transponders, if memory serves. That’s high considering the figures we’ve been hearing. They tell us there are always craft with transponders turned off due to the sensitive nature of their missions, as well, so the total number is higher.

Today, this just dropped from Agent A1:



If the “roundup” of the cabal is in progress, and we have heard it might be, then we can expect power outages and/or transportation interruptions anywhere, any time, to prevent the enemy from communicating, warning each other, and escaping their known whereabouts. We know they are being tracked—and so do they!

With this many birds in the air, they need to ensure safety of their special ops, military personnel and anyone contributing in this operation so the “glitch” is an expected situation, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard it applied.

It could also be a ploy to shut down airlines if the chatter indicated an attack of some kind was planned; a bomb, missile, etc. If they shut down all the airlines, no innocents get hurt.

This update from SGAnon provides more detail in question form:

Why is the Saudi Arabian military leaving Delaware, USA in the middle of the night?

Who’s on the plane?
Image at 0225.

Coordinated military operations World_Wide.

A Juan O Savin interview recently had some information about the chemtrails I hadn’t heard elsewhere. He said the reflective particulates were required for military operations ongoing so at least some of the aerosols are sprayed by the positive military. Let’s face it—if the chemtrails were that deadly, we wouldn’t be here today to talk about them.

They have been spraying here liberally for weeks, it’s been uncharacteristically cloudy and rainy, and I can see them laying the trails in plain view. Many of them are sprayed in the immediate vicinity of the sun. It’s nice to actually have “weather” for a change. Sunny and clear gets old with no breaks.

Since we believe the mass arrests are underway, the ruling on the Wu Flu ’emergency’ is no surprise, either as it affords the White Hats the latitude to execute lockdowns, etc. while they do extractions and whatever operations are required while keeping civilians safe.

Biden Administration Extends COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Yet Again

Of course someone will be blamed to avoid discussing the real cause. Let’s blame the Transportation Minister.

“Glitches and Complications Happen All the Time” – Pete Buttigieg Has No Idea What Went Wrong with Today’s FAA Disaster (VIDEO)

The Earth Alliance is in the process of taking Biden out by the look of the headlines.

Biden aides find SECOND batch of classified documents at new location https://t.co/aCiHIBfbXn

— WND News (@worldnetdaily) January 11, 2023

Nino thinks so, too.

Trump Sets Biden Up For KNOCKOUT

Kash Patel is a loose canon. The cabal must hate him. Link to Telegram.

HOLY CHIT GUYS!!!!! Kash Patel just told Charlie Kirk that there are indeed JAIL CELLS UNDER THE CAPITOL!!!!! I knew it!!!! Could that have been the construction I was watching take place through the razor wire fences in Jan 2021?????

This isn’t exactly the “hot” news I was looking for, but it might suggest that the White Hats are taking out facilities where the dark are brewing toxic concoctions to use on us. We were told not to drink public water anywhere [pets too!], so perhaps there was a need to warn us so we could protect ourselves until they could deal with the threats? Just a thought. Link to Telegram for video clip.

DEVELOPING! A large fire has erupted at a chemical plant in La Salle, Illinois.

Multiple explosions reported at Carus Chemical. Heavy fire and smoke conditions are present. Carus Chemical manufactures chemicals used in water treatment.

Fire, hazmat, and medical units en route.


This source tends to concur that it’s a WH operation.

The first part of the video below is particularly informative with respect to the situation in Ukraine and the shameless propaganda broadcast about it. It has a long intro.

Putin EXPOSES biggest NATO lie yet with devastating military victory | Redacted with Clayton Morris

SGAnon uploaded a whack of revealing, short videos last night and you can pick and choose your pleasure. One mentions “Boys from Brazil”, which I just wrote about yesterday in passing about Bolsonaro and sons. How freaky is that? Click this link for his Rumble channel.

Incidentally, I stated before that a voice clip in a video from several years ago and hosted on the American Intelligence Media channel on YouTube was very similar to the voice of SGAnon. The video was called, “Q Leak Plugged”, and it concerned the Cicada 3301 material; their clues and puzzles etc. and the cryptography used to decode the information. It was meant to suggest Q was a fake.

The Bitchute version of that video is still showing but it doesn’t work for me on desktop or iPad. Interestingly enough, we later heard that the cicada image represented the pelvis of some kind of Being. I don’t recall whom but I think it was Humanoid. There were many layers to the Cicada puzzles.

The mysterious Cicada 3301 Group said they were looking for genius decoders, and the video we watched began with narration about those puzzles and their nature, and the fact that they accurately predicted a number of events. That narrator voice sounds exactly like SGAnon to me, including the accent but I don’t know where the original video came from.

SGAnon just posted the following on Truth Social, because many are intrigued by his anonymous identity and wonder who he is. Too bad the video isn’t available but that voice is clear in my mind to this day because the music and visuals were stunning and I listened to it many, many times over.

—> My background is in cryptographic and cyberspace analysis/relay (w/ Distinction)

This one from SGAnon on clones comes hot on the heels of a recent discussion of ours so it might be of particular interest. Kerry Cassidy interviews whistleblower Donald Marshall, plus additional footage. We might consider that a lot more of the “others” on this planet aren’t even Human and may not have souls. When you hear the degree of cloning technology developed you will know that the movie “Avatar” was more of a documentary than a fantasy.

This video is from Telegram. Clones are glitchy, too.

Canada has MANY cloning centers. Easily found on Google anytime. Its not something that is hidden.

There are disruptions galore. Link to Telegram.

Royal Mail unable to despatch items abroad after ‘cyber incident’
UK News | Sky News


If you have trouble believing our claims about the many school shootings being staged events by the CIA/FBI, you might benefit from listening to this exchange between Michael Jaco and Ole Dammegard. There have been many orchestrated events serving the dark agenda over the years and most people fall for the mainstream propaganda and lies. Ole makes it his life’s work to investigate and reverse-engineer what we call “false flag” events wherein people may or may not really be killed.

Most sensational news like school shootings are deep state controlled information events

Concerning the difficulties some are having accessing our website and navigating… Number One/Patrick has reviewed users notes and says:

As for reports of “too many redirects”–clearing cookies won’t fix this–clearing the browser cache is what is required. Here are a few links for your readers:

  1. Brave: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048833872-How-Do-I-Clear-Cookies-And-Site-Data-In-Brave
  2. FireFox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache
  3. iOS/Safari: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201265
  4. Android/Chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050

Some reported the problem disappeared when they downloaded a new browser like Opera. That suggests what Number One stated above; that it’s a browser cache issue. A new browser would not have the stored URLs that the usual browser would so there wouldn’t be a problem. Clear the cache on your usual browser and the issues should vanish. Good luck and thank you for persevering.

Before we go, the crew reported a really interesting item of note we think you will appreciate.

The credit union I use for my banking needs sent a Happy Holidays email on Dec 30,2022..kind of late in the season,it was sent at 11:33am. Mostly spoke of New branches and enhancing digital stuff.
The guy who sent this in last sentence said
Wow,between that and the time stamp.

The time stamp of course could refer to Q’s references to 11.3, a section of the Law of War manual the US military is following to the letter in the current operations to oust the deep state satanists and Make America Great Again.

That concludes our post for today. Tomorrow promises to be equally as exciting and we appreciate the crew support in sourcing the fascinating information out there that defines the incredible journey we are currently engaged in for all of Mankind. Carry on.  ~ BP

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