Near Future Timeline Possibilities – January 20, 2023


Out with Old Crypto – Bitcoin & Ethereum. In With QFS

Nick has just proven WITH PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFO (OSINT) that the Fed printing press has been officially turned off and a new UST rainbow press has been turned on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Rainbow notes here we come 🌈🪙💵


A Series of Round Tables have begun discussing QFS, Treasury takeover of the Fed, Cleanouts of Black Hat Organisation’s, Executive Orders & Stellar/Lobstr role with Charlie Ward, Qranker & Emily. The next one will include David Nino Rodriguez, Nick Ragone & Red Blonde.

1st video will be posted once uploaded.

GEORGE NEWS John F Kennedy Jr/US Government – Charlie Ward & Quantum Financial System on the Front Cover with HyperLedger from France teamed up with IBM on the Back Cover.

Asset domains etc are down due to Cyber Attacks. Kyrgyzstan was fixed. Beta Testing is perfect to see what can be broken & fixed.

Did Q ever mention GodFather 3?

R3 E’O’s

13818, 13848 & 13959.

Read Section 27.5 in USMCA

Section 27.5 ENDS corruption. All corruption must end in order for GESARA  to take place….when does this financial system collapse?


Ripple XRP & Stellar XLM in USMCA.


Original Nesara Bill






There is only 1 Supreme Court Justice left. The rest got Rona’d.

See EVERGRANDE News – Yellow Brick Road, Soros, Lord Malloch Brown, Dominion, UK Royals, Global Housing Market & Stock Market Collapse, Covid P.I = 200× worse, wastewater, planes & trains, C before D, Circumference Diameter, 3.14, Tesla P.I, Full Circle, Circle Back, Internet Kill, BUNKER HILL, MICROSOFT PROJECT NATICK, Massive Underwater Data Center, WATCH CA, Justice Thomas, [9] Netanyahu. Handing Israel back to Palestine. Reversal Act of 1871 of England & Balfour Declaration.

Exodus 3 14. All about God, Moses & the Israelites that were not jews.

France & Turkey NATO Flip, Watch Macron 😱

#PacificNavalBlockade #ChinaTaiwan

Dams >ChongQing, 3GD – BTC Data Center, 24 Nuke Reactors/Disarmed, Lake Sevan #1 Armenia = BTC, Nile. Tiananmen Sq.



#ProjectGuardian with Pendulum>Bridge is where all the dead old fork blockchain wealth & Evergrande Real Estate money is going. 132 Trillion.

MOAB = Global Currency Reset + Declas + Precious Metal Standard + Quantum Gesara. Quantum Computing.

11.3 King Charles


11.6 Prince Andrew removed.

William will dissolve the Royals.

Red 3 – Pelosi no longer Speaker.

Republicans in – Obvious Bidan >turn the world wild up until he Crashes the lot then 25th Amendment. As POTUS said multiple times Bidan will crash the market the likes no one has ever seen before & the 25th Amendment will come back & bite him.

Oil & Gas>Precious Metals & Tesla Free Energy.

Week 18 NFL

STELLAR CORONA’s Cover Story for blowing up Stock Markets in news.


1/11 – Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

1/12 >11.2

1/13>11.3 [BLACK FRIDAY], Dec 31 on Julian Calendar, XRP SEC Case, Gerald Butler movie “PLANE” MAY DAY Comms.

1/14>11.4 [Orthodox Julian New Year]

1/15>11. 5

1/16 >11.6 WEF DAVOS

1/17 >11.7 [Flood]

1/18 666 days since Ever Given run aground.

1/19 – Great Awakening Delta

1/20 – Fake Inauguration Delta

1/22 – Lunar New Year

1/30 – Corona declared Pandemic.

Global Martial Law from this Event to 2024.

There is 120 day Transition To Gesara & Blockchain Elections WorldWide.

Mass Stellar Advertisements, lots will be on billboards etc. All Hospital Equipment Obsolete, Education, History books pulled down, Re-written & Rebooted. Many banks will close, We will become our own banks.

All Social Media is going down, Telegram stays until Last hence Pavel Durov creating a Blockchain thing for Telegram + 11.4 RT News.

After 120 days >18months + of Class Action Lawsuits will begin, Everyone involved. 1776 Quick.

March has major Events.


Romanov’s return, Melania<>Anastacia.

Aus, Can & Pacific Islands to US Kingdom, Commonwealth No More. UK Fleet to be moved to Aus. Subs announced for Feb.

Trump re-instated 19th Pres, calls up John as 19th VP >All Royals, Presidents, Govts etc must stand down.

Trump to become King, then hands over to John as King in 2024.

Cashbacks due

UN & Masternode into XDC Tokens, SFMS & Kyrgyzstan.

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