How the Earth is Changing: The Disclosure – January 10, 2023


How the Earth is Changing

  • How Earth’s Exiles Leave

The Disclosure

The relationship with the invisible world is very complex, because the Gnostics consider the idea of the Son of God to be a delusion, insinuated into the human mind by an alien species of aberrant, non-human entities or mental parasites, called the Archons, under the concept of Good versus Bad for ordinary people.

The point here; is that the Anunnaki are not our creators, as the illuminates would have us believe. They only manipulated us so that they could use us as their slaves.

As explained in previous essays; the Anunnaki participated in our material evolution as a human species in ancient times through their genetic manipulation, they only helped recreate our physical bodies, not our souls. The Anunnaki are in no way the source of our spiritual side, which was created by God out of pure Love energy, according to Zecharia Sitchin.

The invisible masters belong to an imperceptible extra-dimensional entity of immortal beings, proclaimed only in esoteric teachings to carefully chosen disciples in secret societies. – Jesus and also Buddha fulfilled this role model for them.

The real Hidden Masters contrary to what is said in popular culture are the benevolent aliens, not the ones from the dark side. The benevolent beings have no need to rule or control our lives. This goes against universal occult laws.



The divine plan for every celestial sphere will be implemented in due course. Planet Earth does not escape these rules, and it could not be otherwise, for everything was planned from the objective of the Creator.

Even before the appearance of our Planet, it was known how and what it would be, and what it would serve for. What purpose and forms of life, its evolution and progress would be. It was also meant to be, the stages and learning by souls who in a distant future would inhabit this beautiful Planet, considered the apple of the Milky Way’s eye.

Many civilisations and many star races have already used Planet Earth, to experience life in this environment so different from other worlds in these parts.

Although Earth was formed several billions of years ago, souls could only begin their stage here after the appearance of the hominids about one million and five hundred thousand years ago. From before that, there is no evidence that souls inhabited planet Earth.

So, if everything was created according to a purpose, the Divine Plan for Earth also foresaw the time in which we live today.  Established as the end of a cycle, we are in fact in the final phase of the planetary transition. And in this transition, the mass ascension of souls who have completed their apprenticeship also takes place.

All those incarnated here are having their final experience in duality. This existence will determine who will go to the New Earth, that is, to the New Cycle, no longer that of reconciliations and trials, and those who are not yet in the necessary frequency to inhabit the New Earth from now on.

There are thousands of Alien Spaceships in the atmosphere around Earth, receiving these souls. After receiving them, they are informed that they are not yet at the necessary frequency to inherit the New Earth. Comforted by selflessly helping Spirits, they are guided to what awaits them. They will then know that they will leave Earth to complete their apprenticeship on other Planets of trial and reconciliation.

After being received into the Ships, since they are already disincarnated, they will be taken to the Astral of their new Planet. They will not reincarnate immediately as is believed. A process of energetic adaptation precedes this.

The perispirit, the soul’s subtle body, still carries the impressions of the soul’s previous incarnations here on Earth. It is the perispirit that shapes the human body on earth. So it must now make adjustments in the psyche sphere of the New Planet, and the adjustments of the new physical form, in accordance with the existing form on that Planet.

Only after such adjustments will the exiled soul be able to incarnate in its new home. And then everything will start all over again. They will learn the same lessons that have not yet been learnt here, and it will also have the veil of oblivion as on Earth. Only in her first incarnation will the soul have vague memories, of a much more evolved world that was left behind.

We are now in the final moment of soul exchange on Earth. There is much movement in the Planet’s Astral. We don’t know the details, but the process is accelerating. Dis-incarnations were already increasing in 2022. There were more deaths than in the two previous years, 2020 and 2021, when Covid was at its peak.

We will see more clearly in this 2023 year the removal of most world leaders, precisely that reptilian hybrid part of the dominant Matrix. The cleansing, as mentioned, will be in its final phase, corresponding to the incarnated. Everything that does not have a Light Frequency will soon cease to exist.

The acceleration is already visible. You just have to have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.


It is known; a major solar flare is the trigger event that completely transforms the consciousness of this world! Furthermore, this solar event occurs on Earth every 13,000 years and is overdue by almost ten earth years now!

2 thoughts on “How the Earth is Changing: The Disclosure – January 10, 2023

  1. I’m NEVER reincarnating EVER again. Thank the Archons for THAT, folks.

    Also, I keep saying, “GALACTIC CODEX”.


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