This and That – January 9, 2023



Real meaning of Corona Virus in Latin



These Brazilians are not messing around!

Viva Brazil.

It’s so clear the military and police are corrupt and not with the people. They even break their own Constitution.


BREAKING: Mike Rogers to step down from House GOP steering committee after ballot brawl


Supreme Court decided not to take up the Brunson’s brother’s case.

The system is corrupt from the bottom to the top.

Why am I not surprised, I knew these judges were corrupt and incompetent.


Karma catching up with corrupt and crooked CEO.


The Kabal is rushing to kill as many people as possible because they know they are running out of time ⌛️. The planet is ascending faster each day, as you can feel and see the time speeding up. Also, the Alliance is on the last phase of their military operations.

This is why the Kabal don’t care that you know they are doing mass eugenics. Hence they are medically assisting to kill as many people as possible because those people will not be on the New Earth. They will be recycled on the old Earth.


They aren’t messing around, a revolution is happening. The Brazilians are going to have no choice but kick out the treasonous government.


It’s a very simple solution to protect your kids from using phones when you don’t want them to. Put a password on it, and don’t tell them it. Ta-da problem solved.


This and That

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