The Telosians: Liberation Through Disturbances ~ January 10, 2023


Editor’s Note: This article reminds me of “The Talosians” in the original Star Trek who were humanoids aliens dependent upon illusion; their civilization was nearly wiped out by war. Are these the same race? Who knows, as this was the name given to an alien race in 1965 when written for TV. in any rate, please open your minds to accepting alien life, as humanity evolves into BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


We greet you dear children of the Earth. Once again we are going to return to the new year that is coming to you. We have told you many times that it will be a year of various disturbances and that it will prepare you to receive the New Earth.

So how can this happen? First of all, the various disturbances that will occur, such as social demonstrations, sometimes unfortunately violence in certain places, political problems, health problems, etc. …., all these disturbances are necessary for your evolution.

But, you will say, “couldn’t we evolve in serenity?

We will answer you this: given the low level of consciousness that exists on Earth, it is very important that you be shaken up in order to get out of your being everything that, for years and years, has been anchored in you and creates in your beings fears of all kinds, desires for power whether you are in a family or a politician.

It is very important that you be shaken like a bottle of sparkling water that lets out all the excess gas that is in it. All of you, dear brothers and sisters on earth, are filled with “gas” that only asks to be evacuated from your physical body in order to find Peace, Serenity and Joy.

Once all this “gas” is evacuated, that is to say all that is boiling inside you: fears, anger, envy, jealousy and many others, your life will be changed. You will no longer see things in the same way. You will understand that you have been manipulated since time immemorial, and still now, and you will react in such a way as to show who you really are, that is to say a being of full Divine Power, of full Power of Love, of True Love.

At this time, social demonstrations are going to occur in your country that will lead to other disturbances that will take place in a chain. The year may seem dark, difficult to live, but we tell you: understand that this is necessary for your own liberation.

The Liberation of the earthly human being will necessarily have to go through all these disturbances.

There will therefore be two groups of humans: those who will continue to remain in this desire for violence, in this desire for assistance, in this desire not to want to change their way of life for fear of losing everything, and there will be another group of humans who will have understood that all of this is only a purification of the human being at the deepest level for a rebirth to the Pure Light.

You will also say, “If there is a separation of humans, will there be confrontations between these two groups?

Yes, there will be confrontations between these two groups, but they will not necessarily be warlike confrontations. There will be many clashes within families, between people who were friends and are no longer friends, there will also be difficulties within certain companies between employees, etc. …. These will be clashes of this kind. But there will always be humans who will be there to calm the situations.

We do not want to make you fear this new year. We just want to warn you of what can happen, because everything can change if the human consciousness suddenly evolves very quickly. For the moment, what we see makes us understand that it can happen as we have said above.

To conclude our message we would like to tell you not to fear this new year and we advise you not to listen all day long to the different media which, in the pay of your government, will assail you with the darkest news. Do not let yourself be intimidated by all these media, stay centered on your divine being, feel Nature helping you in this evolution and you will see that this year of great transition will happen for all those who will react in this way, in the gentlest way possible.

We are watching over you, we accompany you with great Love.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou


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