News Update ~ January 10, 2023


Editor’s Note: Thanks to Restored Republic for proving this detailed infomration!

  • The Arizona Election Official Who Botched the Pinal County Count Received $25,000 Bonus Before Skipping Town! Not at all suspicious!!
  • China military’s Eastern Theater Command launches sea and air combat drills around Taiwan island
  • The Republicans were more upset with Matt Gaetz and Lauren Bobert…..than they were with the fact that the last 2 elections were stolen. Think about that.
  • Over the past 24 hours, 28 Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence zone, the defense ministry in Taipei said on Monday, after China said it had carried out more drills near the island.
  • The German Government claims investigating covid vaccines would be dangerous for democracy.  Governments everywhere are now petrified of the truth coming out.
  • Governor Gavin Newsom today submitted a request to the White House for a Presidential Emergency Declaration to support ongoing storm response and recovery efforts.  If approved, the declaration will activate the full weight of the federal government behind California’s storm response and allow the state to immediately access federal resources and personnel.
  • Judiciary threatens Military Commanders to stop Protesters in Brazil. Military are going to stand with the people. They are talking about Disabling the Internet.  24 hr Ransom from Judiciary.
  • Masonic Building in Sydney Australia burns down
  • Read Section 27.5 in USMC Section 27.5 ENDS corruption. All corruption must end in order for GESARA to take place….so when does this financial system collapse?
  • Early reports suggest a military coup could be underway in Brazil, as military protects Bolsonarist protesters from police at a barricade and take positions in the capital city Brasilia. tanks are shown protecting Bolsonarist protesters.
  • Q34 = US Military Law WORLDWIDE.  Write “Kraken” Covid in News. The Cure Will Spread Worldwide
  • Ireland becomes one of the first countries on the territory of the European-Asian continent to include in the parliamentary program a set of laws regulating the continuous promotion of cryptocurrencies.
  • Communist Lula using NAZI tactic insurrection. Lula announces federal intervention in Brazil’s capital. The measure is valid until January 31, 2023.
  • All prominent electronic voting systems (Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, ES&S, Dominion and Hart InterCivic) are networked to the same software engine and controlled by the same financiers tied to George Soros and the Queen’s Privy Council, thus making corrupt practices in elections a foregone conclusion. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie brag about their ability to “bend” elections , protected by the Queen.

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