David Nino Rodriguez With Raland Brunson! “The SCOTUS Case To Shock The World?”!! ~ January 10, 2023


22 thoughts on “David Nino Rodriguez With Raland Brunson! “The SCOTUS Case To Shock The World?”!! ~ January 10, 2023

  1. Sorry, but the only thing “shocking” about this case is how many gullible Trumpsters actually believed it would go anywhere!


    1. Well they sure as hell tried! Someone has got to get this evil monarchy out if the WH, Congress, even our govenors are ALL dirty! Maybe 10% of all combined are good people. The rest don’t give two shits about you & want us enslaved or dead! Wake up America! This shit is real! It’s in the Book of Revelations (if-anyone even reads the bible avymote)!


      1. Mention ” gullible Trumpsters” and you appear (Mrs. MIller).

        By the way, where’s McCabe? 😘

        P.S. – The “evil monarchy” was thrown out on January 20, 2021, when Biden replaced Lying Trump!

        P.P.S. – By the way it’s the Book of Revelation (SINGULAR). Glad to see you’re as ignorant about Christian Scripture as you seem to be about everything else! 😂


  2. To CINDYLOUCBP (January 18, 2023 at 11:34):

    The rest of THIS story (the failed Bruson lawsuit) will most likely be Petition for Rehearing DENIED! Probably because it violates the Rule governing Rehearings by simply regurgitating what Bruson said before. To get a Rehearing you have to base it on ENTIRELY NEW THINGS!


    1. Lol. Is that the best you’ve got? I don’t argue with morons. You will see the truth soon enough. Sadly-we all will. God help us if this evil regime is not removed soon…. God Bless America! Breaks my heart to see my beautiful country being destroyed by evil. But the book of revelations (I prefer the S) because there are many revelations coming to pass before us now-says these things will happen. The blind won’t even notice-as us evident to some degree. There are still plenty of us freedom, God loving patriots that will do everything we can to stop it. God Bless these 3 men for having the balls to give it everything they can! God bless our beautiful Country-and even-God bless you silly one, & may he open your eyes to the truth with his never ending grace.


      1. All I can say is God bless the idiots of this world-for there are many. I pray their eyes will be opened by Gods grace. We need all the freedom loving patriots we can get to stand! If we don’t-we are lost. Our beautiful Country is being destroyed from within & the blind can’t see the evil that dwells & grows


      2. I love idiots like you when they describe themselves perfectly. Indeed, is that the best you’ve got?


        P.S. – By the way, you keep breaking both the 3rd and 9th Commandments, so pray for yourself. Your reservation in HELL is confirmed!


      3. shrdlu42…you are more than welcome to disagree via your comments to material on Roserambles.org, however… please keep your comments free of vitriol. Thank You…


      4. To Mrs Miller (January 18, 2023 at 15:09):

        No, you consort with morons, and agree with them, because you’re one too!

        And for someone who claims to be “Bible Believing” and “Godly”, it’s fun watching decide to change “God’s Word” – even if only by adding an “s” to the title of the HALLUCINOGENIC book you cite.

        We agree on one thing. Our beautiful country IS being destroyed by evil. But that evil comes from Lying Trump, and his cadre of blind, mindless, followers! (Like you.)

        Tell me, haven’t you noticed how much he resembles the Anti-Christ as depicted in that book?

        Pray for yourself, madam, you sorely need it! 🤣


      5. To shrudlu42: Please refrain from making personal attacks on anyone commenting on this blog. You have the ability to make your point without personal derision.


  3. To CINDYLOUCBP (January 18, 2023 at 21:06):

    Given all the vitriol rampaging through the articles you publish here, and in the Comments by people like Mrs. Miller, that’s a trifle HYPOCRITICAL of you, but no surprise.

    You want me to be more “civil”, start being more civil yourself.

    P.S. – Or does your idea of “civility” consist of FALSELY accusing members of Congress, the President, and Vice-President (both the current one and Pence) of Treason, posting articles calling for their execution (or falsely celebrating such “executions” – which never actually happened), engaging in tired old Anti-Semitic rantings, or FALSELY referring to our government as an “evil monarchy” or an “evil regime” (in the process Miller demonstrates her ignorance of English, since it’s not a “monarchy” unless the “monarch” INHERITED the position at birth).


  4. If you believe there really was an insurrection riot-your the one that’s gonna see the truth. I cannot believe anyone w believe the bs. Takes all kind I guess…


  5. No it’s because other are to blind to see the truth-but they will-you will. It makes me sad to know the truth. I’m sure your one of those that did your duty & got every Covid shot available. That saddens me too. Many will die. I’m not sure if it w be better for them to know the truth first or not. Knowing they willingly & gleefully let poison be injected into their bodies w be heartbreaking for many.


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