January 7, 2023: Lessons Learned & Often Resolved


If you’re not completely exhausted by the drama and angst of this past week in the House in Washington, DC, congratulations. Some are.

January 6 came and went and the deep state is still waging war on the minds of Americans. The People must fight back and never back down.

“This is a warning shot.”

Two years on and prosecutors are still vowing to press charges against protestors, all for the sake of sending a message to all those who would oppose them. 👇

Considering the following, we need to get the truth out there once and for all. The feds planned the fake “insurrection”. Doesn’t the fact that we have so many admissions of intent and guilt suggest that the Patriots have everything reasonably under control?

Ray Epps Busted: “I Orchestrated It!”

The truth is out there, but stifled to some degree. Tucker Carlson’s video is at the link below.

J6 Lies Relentlessly Pushed By MSM & Dems – Tucker’s Monologue Brings The Facts

In case you didn’t hear, Kevin McCarthy won the Speakership in the House after fifteen gruelling rounds. Many of us probably suspected that is where it would all lead. We’ve seen this strategy before. I believe it was in the supreme court nominations/confirmations. Was it a “stall” tactic as some suggest? It could be. I believe the coming days will be very telling.

The crew piped up with this:

Did DJT instigate this stall in electing a SOTH in order to get to this day, Jan. 6, the day the SCOTUS is set to review the Brunson v. Adams case? A case which has the potential to *86* some 384 House members? Why let these people elect a SOTH today if they are all going to potentially be gone tomorrow?

And today I see the following:

SCOTUS To Vote On Case That’ll Take Down Dems

And there’s this: Link to Telegram.

💢Loy Brunson just said on PPN that he did hear from someone in Congress that SCOTUS did rule in favor 5-4.

💢He’s now waiting along with the rest of us to see if there is any truth to it. They will know Monday morning. We’ll all know more Monday.

💢A contact also told me the same thing earlier. 5-4 affirmative.

💢Loy is speaking on PPN now if you want to tune in now or later.

The Speaker clown show may not be the result many wanted, but I believe we know by now that things are not what they seem and the White Hats will engineer this take-down of the deep state cabal how it NEEDS to be done; not the way we think it should be done. We don’t see or know what they see and know.

That is why Q told us to “trust the plan”. We need to have faith in the process based on the incredible things that have already come out of this operation since 2016. There are so many moving parts to this extremely complex liberation that it would be an err of ego to believe we understand it all. The end justifies the means. You will want to see the Q drop/Q proof we have for our 5-year delta.

Jan 07, 2018 10:05:50 PM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 03b993 No. 20558
4y, 11m, 4w, 2d, 16h, 1m ago
8chan thestorm

There were jokes about it being the first time Congress showed up for work four days in a row and what we witnessed according to those who understand the process and how it was meant to be used, we got a front row seat to the democratic system set up but rarely used because the loonatic left always manipulated it and “appointed” who they wanted. Most members of Congress were bribed and blackmailed so the true system was moot.

Best news of all, that POS Nancy Pelosi is gone and hopefully we never have to hear her slurred addresses or see her annoying hands again.

Have you heard that the censorship on Twitter has not ended?

As just found out, the @Twitter activist handling our complaint about their partisan censorship of our Tweet just before the election belittled our concerns as “whining.” @ElonMusk, my @JudicialWatch tweet is still being abusively censored! https://t.co/0iNKqy7AWD

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) December 10, 2022

Twitter is still a key place to see what is happening. Jordan Peterson is fighting back against the Canadian communism/deep state for trying to remove his license as a Canadian psychologist as part of their censorship of truth.

That should be added to the complaint https://t.co/8f89NJXmxZ

— Jennifer Gunter (@DrJenGunter) January 7, 2023

Some day, some way, we know a financial shift is coming. Will it be as bad as some predict? The White Hats are doing what they can to mitigate the economic crash the El-ites want to orchestrate, but we won’t know how it will look until we get further into it. There are predictions a-plenty.

11 Signs That The Economic “Tipping Point” That Everyone’s Been Waiting For Has Arrived https://t.co/q58YfEpITJ

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 7, 2023

From the beginning of the Covid psyop when they created that pointy, scary-looking picture of the “virus” which is just a computer-generated image for that very effect, the whole scamdemic has been about manipulating the minds of the masses and instilling a fear so potent that few could override it.

When we suggest to intelligent people that the pandemic and the danger are all in their minds, they don’t take kindly to it. We have to be inclusive and adopt the air of humility and come down to their level. We need to tell them we were fooled at first, too, and then if they’re not resistant, tell them what our research revealed.

Hopefully the folks who spend time online, be it Facebook, Twitter, or other social media places, saw some of those impactful memes that cut to the core and break through the mind control. Unfortunately, the monsters running the world know and understand the Human psyche all too well and while most pandemic threats failed, they stepped up their game and went all out to prevent Trump from continuing with his wrecking ball.

Now we are dealing with the fallout of their Plandemic and three years later some folks just don’t get it and the globalists are still milking it for all it’s worth.

Fear of Covid Is the Opiate of the People

They’re still trying… Link to Telegram.

“Heading into its third year, the COVID-19 pandemic presses on with yet another variant to watch out for. Doctors say XBB1.5 is in the omicron family, and highly transmissible” -6abc

So that is to say that all subsequent scary variants are part and parcel with the MORONIC [OMICRON] strain of the flu. The common flu. Different strains come along every year. Flu shots do little to nothing because they never know which variant will surface each winter. Many people who get the flu shot get the flu. It’s just science. So is there value in flu shots? Not any more—unless one believes there is.

The first severe flu cases were reported in the autumn of 2019. I know two people who had something really serious that fall. One has COPD and nearly died. The other was normally very healthy but was really sick for weeks. No idea what that was, but for most people in 2020 it wasn’t serious.

In that regard, things are slowly changing in the Great White Gulag, and in Alberta that is good news—possibly due to the leadership of the new Premier, Danielle Smith.

In case folks forgot, they are telling them that there is always an increase in colds and flus in the winter. Always has been. Before everyone lost their minds, that was a given.

What too many easily accepted was the tyrannical way they locked up healthy people and stole their rights.

Canadian province says no way it’s returning to masks and lockdowns due to new COVID variant

There is no doubt about what ‘Convid’ is or is not. We learned a lot in three years. Link to Telegram video with Dr. Derek Knauss.

“This is what we knew from the beginning and it is now 100% confirmed”

✅ The Flu was simply relabeled Covid!

✅ “Covid” deaths in 2020 were exactly the same as the average yearly flu deaths.

✅ Covid was never isolated and PCR tests were set to detect common cold and influenza cells.

✅1500 sample tests were examined and there were zero “Covid” results – ALL were influenza A or B

In the stream of good news, I happened to see this update from the Law Enforcement stage on the new Los Angeles Sheriff, Robert Luna. He’s talking the talk and it sounds as though he is the kind of Sheriff the People would want and there should be improvements showing before long. LA badly needed strong leadership to replace the corruption and problems there. Link to Telegram for 3 min video.

Sheriff Robert Luna on his first month in office: “It’s going extremely well”

Reporter Tom Wait sat down with Sheriff Robert Luna just about a month after he took over the position, who said that thus far into his tenure he believes things are going “extremely well.”


If you are on Telegram you may have seen the remarkable video below about mercury and why they vilified it. I believe you will see early on in this 6 minute video the application for mercury they don’t want us accessing. Link to Telegram.

Alternatively, you may watch the basis of that video above in experiments from short source videos on YouTube. The video above from Telegram has a lot of extra and excellent material.

That concludes the news, geopolitical and shift portion of the post. The rest is for the dog-lovers.

Doggie Doos and Doggie Don’ts or ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’

After that dog’s breakfast of an election for Speaker, Eli was exhausted last evening and decided to hit the mat, which was remarkable considering Dad was snoozing on the sofa and Eli made this choice in the kitchen. Lots of surprises this week. I think he’s growing up.

In hind sight as his training is in the spotlight now, had I known about the effectiveness of the eCollar before, it would have been an incredible tool to shape a puppy’s activities and curb unwanted behaviour; to nip it in the bud. His whole demeanor has changed. He seems calmer and happier and even more loving than before.

Applied six months ago, Eli would be a different dog now, but he’s still young, very malleable, super smart, and bad habits aren’t hard to break IF we keep the transmitter with us at all times, work with him every day, watch him every second, and either tap the button paired with a growly “NO” or apply liberal praise for his choices. I am confident it won’t be long and Eli will be a dream dog.

Golden Retrievers seem to be very sensitive, both emotionally and to drugs, medications, etc. and Eli developed a weepy sore at the sight of the prongs on his eCollar at his throat so we will be switching the location of the prongs every day, from side to side of his neck, and checking for skin irritation. He’s just had two days off from the collar and his work schedule.

One would think that with all that extra skin, the undercoat, and long outer fur that he wouldn’t react that way but now we know. It doesn’t often happen, according to the trainer, but isn’t unheard of. They don’t recommend wearing the collar more than 12 hours at a time without breaks, and he doesn’t.

That meme above sent from my other half accurately reflects the state of our home, currently. I could vacuum every day. The photo may be from the haboob that blew through Phoenix several years ago but Eli’s fine Golden hair finds it’s way into everything, everywhere, just like the sand from that storm. Summer is coming, though, and with it—the shave—and respite from so much vacuuming.

I believe that is what led to the hybrid Golden Retriever + Poodle = Golden Doodle. They are similar in temperament, so a tall, curly poodle that doesn’t shed like a Golden is a bouncy pal to have for walks and company in the house. I wouldn’t trade my Goldens and their flowing locks for anything. Besides, vacuuming is good exercise.

As a vet tech/dog trainer/boarder once told me, Goldens recognize their breed in other dogs and our Goldens love Golden Doodles. Mica had a girlfriend next door for awhile that was a big black poodle and they had a blast.

Signing off for now. Know that Trump and the Patriots have this. Have a good weekend, everyone. See you soon.  ~ BP

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