PERVYWOOD 6 — A ROYAL FLUSH – January 6, 2023


Crossing the Delaware to fight the UK Royals & Hired Hessian’s.

Along came France.

Foreign Legion Raids on CERN April/May 2020.


Lord Malloch Brown & Soros

Any difference?




Yes we are flipping the Calendar from Gregorian to Julian

It is Christmas Eve.


2 thoughts on “PERVYWOOD 6 — A ROYAL FLUSH – January 6, 2023

  1. P.S- Cindy the article today on OMICRON not being a virus was excellent! I’ve forwarded it to many. Here it is from Telegram:
    Omicron is not a pathogen, but a millimeter wave.

    Kent M
    7:52 PM (1 minute ago)
    to Judith

    🔴 Omicron is not a pathogen, but a millimeter wave.

    ⭕️ The Italian Dr. Dominico BISCARDI announced a few weeks ago that the so-called Omicron variant is not a pathogen but a radiation attack in the form of millimeter waves. By the way, in November/December the English Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the so-called Omicron variant as wave(s). Coincidence? Coincidence?

    ⭕️ Dr. Biscardi explained in early January how the Omicron variant breaks over unsuspecting people at night and infects them, even if they sleep at home behind closed walls and doors.

    ⭕️ Omicron is not a variant, but an irradiation. As in fact everything about (k0b1D 19 (84).

    ⭕️ Why does it come at night?
    When they measured the radiation, they found that the levels at night were up to 15 times higher than the legal limit. The time between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. is the time when Internet traffic is much lower because people are in bed and sleeping peacefully. At the time of measurement, radiation levels were found to increase rather than decrease at this time.

    ⭕️ How so? Omicron comes at night! It doesn’t matter if you hide in the house, because Omicron is not a pathogen. Omicron is a wave, a microwave. Omicron is a millimeter wave.

    ⭕️ Closed doors and walls are no obstacle for the millimeter wave.
    – If you have been inoculated with graphene oxide, Omicron finds the right substance in your body to expand and amplify its frequency, which can initially cause nausea and diarrhea, followed by fever, visual disturbances, headache, disorientation, and memory loss.

    – Why do you need to cough? Because the body is trying to get rid of the graphene oxide, and this happens through the lungs. That’s why FLUIMUCIL works in k0bid therapy. Or NAC, acetylcysteine, which is the active ingredient in Fluimucil.
    – Then you feel discomfort in light, probably tinnitus…. especially if you live near telecommunications towers.
    – At the epidermis level, you may experience redness, itching, burning, shingles, psoriasis, tremors in certain areas, and even tremors.

    Do you know why?
    Because Omicron is not a contamination, but a radiation.

    In Spain, they have announced that Omicron will appear on December 24. You know exactly when it’s coming because at the push of a button….

    ⭕️ How you can protect yourself
    – Turn off routers and appliances, use copper plates or wrap them in aluminum foil or Faraday towels.
    – Take frequent showers.
    – Do not take acetaminophen as it is an antagonist of glutathione and glutathione breaks down graphene oxide. *
    – Take melatonin as it is a protective radium. *
    – Take zinc and vitamins C, D3 and E.
    – Take plenty of vitamin C and D3.

    ⭕️ Dr. Biscardi was found dead in his home shortly after he published this information. A coincidence? He had reported his discovery, reportedly, to the European Commission beforehand!

    ⭕️ Around the same time, the President of the European Commission, David Sassoli, was also found dead. The latter praised Dr. Biscardi’s findings and wanted to publish them. So-called. Again, it is not a pathogen, but a radiation attack, so to speak. Believe it or not, do with it what you will. I felt it was important to share it. I’m not surprised by anything anymore.

    👉Source 17.05.2022



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