Twitter aided US intelligence agencies to influence foreign governments ~ January 5, 2023


Twitter documents released by Elon Musk reveal the lawlessness of US intelligence agencies and the psychological warfare against the American public is far worse than expected.

Between October 2019 and February 2021 alone, FBI paid Twitter $3.4 million to censor certain views and stories on its behalf, including the damning Hunter Biden laptop story, which likely would have sunk Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency had it received the attention it deserved.

Many current and/or former FBI agents work at and with Twitter to keep the online narrative in check. More than 100 supposedly “former” intelligence agents also work in Facebook’s content moderation department.

While hunting down and banning covert propaganda accounts tied to foreign governments, Twitter worked with the US Department of Defence to promote and protect American propaganda accounts, and aided US intelligence agencies in their efforts to influence foreign governments using fake news, computerised deepfake videos and bots.

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