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[speaker of the house position remains vacant, government is essentially shut down, and fake-conservatives are outing themselves faster than jeffrey epstein at a brownie cookout]

Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you;

Be not dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you,

Yes, I will help you,

I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.


As I mentioned on Day 1 – this isn’t likely going to be over quickly – and for the record – just before the American Civil War touched off – the House Speakership remained vacant 2 months. We should be celebrating each and every day, hour and minute that passes – because with every passing moment, the Sleepers will begin to wake and wonder what all the fuss is about after all?

To Deep State traitors wearing ‘republican’ cloaks – this is a danger. They want john q public and sally m. somebody to remain asleep – and a shut down government becomes news that will impact every single American (as if died suddenly grandparents and “thrombotic-kids” [the ‘new normals‘] didn’t already deliver one hell of a jolt). And as we awaken from this illusionists’ sleep spell – or, coma – we awaken to Bill Gates salivating over injecting our food supply with his magik jax because not enough of us were poisoned by Little Feller’s potion, hunter’s still not being brought to justice for raping kids, money laundering billions from our mortal foes and betraying his country, democrats and fake republicans are being caught laundering taxpayer cash through 100 other FTX digital portals – and the Supremes are just as corrupt as the rest [how’s those 302’s John Roberts? how’s those four FISA’s you signed (now knowing FBI paid Russian spies to create them and the DNC to launder the crimes)?

Indeed – with every passing moment – the pressure builds. The sense of fake republicans (like Clown badge-wearing Hannity, and WEF member McCarthy), even as deep state trolls at the department of state and bent clowns used their twitter sign-on privileges to hack the user database, and threatened to deliver another Snowden unless their terms are met. Think of it, doxing users gps coordinates and actual identities to hidden clown mkultra agents and sleepers – will make the summer of love look like a summertime cookout – with weaponized troops hanging out anonymously in leftist sanctuary cities. I shudder to think what they might do with this data hoard.

Yet, I remain unmolested by their threats and their treason. I know, in the end, God Wins – and that’s good enough for me. Some sheep in our midst are dismayed that Trump offered McCarthy his squeaked support for the role? Kek. Think about it – which of the [clown bought] mainstream media now will support McCarthy after Trump has loaned his covering tunic? 5D chess, baby! Kekkekekek. I’m chortling up my coffee at the very consideration of this trope.


With a deadened congress and a disambiguated wrap up smear twitter – no longer carrying the water for closet communists who just can’t wait to molest the next child, their Omnibus theft ring is broken. Ukrainian money laundering (AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING) is put on hold) – and the news, she keeps dripping out: Twitter was run by The Fifth Column, Twitter censored snopes-disbelievers and fact-check.org-deniers, Twitter trafficking user data to Google and YouTube and Facebook and Apple – they canceled businesses, locked down the populace, put muzzles on their beaks – and even assisted in the Amazon.com looting of the American Middle Class – as even now, Amazon is in the process of going bankrupt. Don’t you see, they don’t expect us to “get better” – and they’re making damn sure, America is hobbled to the point, it can never recover. And this is their plan.


medical synopsis: simplified.

Question is – how many have died in your extended families since the jax was released on the American heartland in December 2020?



the child trafficking midnight flights around the country continue. children flying alone – no identification – no parents in sight.

zero media coverage.



The leftIes are flipping out!

And remember… most of these people in Congress owe President Trump more than they owe McCarthy.

https://T.me/FreedomForceBattalion &

https://TruthSocial.com/@1000YearsOfPeace #Truth


Duh? 🌹

Tucker: We Have to Assume FB and Google Has Been Penetrated by Intel Agencies as Twitter Has Been

Tucker Carlson: “I mean, you have Facebook and Google that the dwarf in size. I mean, we’ve got to assume that those two companies are as penetrated as Twitter has been, don’t we?”

Matt Taibbi : “Yes, and there’s evidence for that.” (FOLLOW HIS OFFICIAL CHANNEL FOR MORE INFO)

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